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I can contribute by *
  • Organizing classes about education on Dharma, discourses, Balsanskarvarg etc. in your area
  • Organizing regular screenings of 'Sanatan Dharmasatsang' DVDs in your area workplace
  • Utilising your technical expertise (Doctor, Chartered Account) for Dharmakarya
  • Assissting Sanatan's research on Spirituality
  • Assisting website through editing, translation of articles, Web Designing, propagation of articles on various platforms
  • Distributing or sponsoring Sanatan's sattvik products
  • Becoming a regular user of Sanatan's sattvik products; subscribing to Sanatan Prabhat periodicals
  • Getting subscribers for Sanatan Prabhat, advertising or procuring advertisements for these periodicals
  • 'Annadaan'(for seekers residing in Sanatan's various ashram)
  • Donating in kind to assist Sanatan's work and / or Ashrams
  • Providing monetary help to Sanatan Ashrams and work
  • Providing venues free of cost to organize various activities conducted by Sanatan
  • Sponsoring Sanatan's flex banners that provide education on Dharma
  • Other