Innocence of Sanatan Sanstha

Fight between righteousness and unrighteousness

Fight given for Samir Gaikwad is like a
light-house showing direction to ‘Hindutvavadis’


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Series of incidents of Shri. Samir Gaikwad’s oppression !

Samir Gaikwad, arrested by the Police in connection with Comrade Govind Pansare’s murder, from Kolhapur, is a full-time seeker of Sanatan Sanstha.

15.9.2015 : Shri. Samir Gaikwad was arrested from home by special investigating team (SIT) at Sangli.
16.9.2015 : SIT demanded Samir Gaikwad’s custody for 14 days without giving him any advocate; but the Court grants 7 days’ police custody

1. By then, few police informed media and they immediately started defamation of Sanatan !


Messiness in appointment of Government pleader in connection with Samir Gaikwad’s case !

15.1.2016 : State Govt. appointed Advocate General Shrihari Ane for presenting Government’s side in this case

28.2.2017 : Advocate Shivajirao Rane started arguments in Court as special Govt. pleader without his appointment on this job.

16.3.2017 : Advocate Samir Patwardhan and advocate Veerendra Ichalkaranjikar exposed malpractices in appointment of Govt. pleader and demanded that stringent action should be taken against the guilty since appointment of Shivajirao Rane was illegal.


False claim that Shri. Samir Gaikwad was motivated by matter published in the book titled ‘Kshatra Dharma sadhana’ !

Claimed that Samir hatched plot to kill Com. Pansare due to Com. Pansare’s anti-Sanatan statements and various cases filed against Pansare !

Claimed that there were 9 suspicious conversations of Samir on cell phone !

Extent of charge sheet : 392 pages and 77 witnesses in charge sheet !

Clauses in charge sheet : 302, 307, 120-B and others

Progressive organizations maligning Sanatan’s name after arrest of Samir Gaikwad


Mockery by investigation agencies in the pistol issue for delaying the case !

On 17th February 2017, the special investigating team claimed that only one pistol was used for murders of Dr. Dabholkar, Comrade Pansare and Dr. Kalburgi. It meant that the pistol confiscated by police after Dr. Dabholkar’s murder was taken away by killers for using in other two murders and then returned to police. Isn’t it ridiculous ?
Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) informed the Court that the said pistol was sent to Scotland Yard for verification. Few days back, however, it was informed that Scotland Yard didn’t accept the pistol.
Advocate Sanjiv Punalekar had written to the Chief Minister about Scotland Yard not having facility to investigate such pistol.
In the report received from Karnavati (Ahmedabad), it was stated that pistols used for the 3 murders were different.

Victory of 31 ‘Hindutvavadi’ advocates who were ready to take up the case of Samir Gaikwad !

In September 2016, under pressurization of progressive factions and Hindu-haters, advocates from Kolhapur were not ready to take up the case of Shri. Samir Gaikwad, who was at the receiving end of police’ injustice. Kolhapur Bar Association, in fact, passed a resolution to the above effect. (In this country, advocates come forward to take up the case of persons like Kasab but not for fighting case for Sanatan seekers ! Denying a person his judicial rights without considering whether he is guilty or not, is a kind of deprivation of such person’s human rights. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) On hearing this, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada (HVP) made an appeal to all ‘Hindutvavadi’ advocates and 31 advocates came forward from different parts of Maharashtra to take up the case of Shri. Samir Gaikwad.

Gratitude to Saints working for Sanatan at spiritual level !

Param Pujya Shrikrushna Karve Guruji

Sanatan Sanstha is offering immense gratitude to Param Pujya Shrikrushna Karve Guruji from Pune, ‘Yogatadnya’ Dadaji Vaishampayan, P. P. Pande Maharaj and other Sanatan’s well-wishers and Saints since they prayed for removal of this calamity befallen on Sanatan seekers and the subtle effect of their prayers in this regard !

God’s contribution for giving experience of happiness in truth ! – P. P. Pande Maharaj, Sanatan Ashram, Devad, Panvel
Felt very happy to hear about Sanatan seeker Shri. Samir Gaikwad’s bail. I could experience this happiness due to the grace of God i.e. ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Jayant Athavale. God creates situations, tests us and brings us out of that situation. Gold has to go through fire/heat to acquire glitter; similarly, Shri. Samir Gaikwad has gone through so much distress in this period of more than 2 years.

Thanks to ‘Hindutvavadis’, devout Hindus, Sectarians, well-wishers of Sanatan and pro-Hindu parties !

Progressive factions and media severely criticized Sanatan Sanstha but as usual, many pro-Hindu organizations, Sects, parties etc extended strong support to Sanatan even this time. They expressed firm belief in Sanatan; giving apt replies to false accusations of progressive factions. ‘Hindutvavadis’ from Kolhapur joined Sanatan in demonstrations; in giving representation; successfully challenging accusations of progressive factions etc thus supporting Sanatan in every way. Maharana Pratap Battalion, Warkari Sampradaya spontaneously staged demonstrations; therefore, it helped in knowing true side of Sanatan by government and people. Sanatan Sanstha is, therefore, grateful to all such ‘Hindutvavadis’, devout Hindus, sectarians, well-wishers of Sanatan and pro-Hindu parties for cooperating in difficult times.

Samir Gaikwad, arrested by the Police
in connection with Comrade Govind Pansare’s murder

Madgaon Bomb blast