Pictures that display Shrikrushna’s teaching

Like a father, Shrikrushna teaches virtuous conducts in daily life from the shloka (Verse) ‘Karagre vasate Lakshmi …’ : God gives us darshan in our cupped hands every morning and provides us with enough energy and enthusiasm to perform the mission of Dharma.

Shrikrushna teaching how to perform the puja (Ritualistic worship) on Shri Ganesh Chaturthi with utmost bhav : Shrikrushna has become a priest and I am worshipping as per His guidance. Shri Ganesh is present actually and is consuming the Naivedya offered to Him.

Shrikrushna shows how the Shakti of a Deity is active every day depending on the Deity Principle : Energy flow turns yellow from white, reddish from yellow, red from reddish. In the end, it becomes dark red and takes on the sagun form of marak-shakti.

Shrikrushna highlighted the difference between Bhogabhumi (Land where one completes all the sufferings as per the destiny) and Yogabhumi (Land where one performs spiritual practice) by showing the prosperous region of Heaven.

Difference between ‘Navaratri’ celebrations in Bharat and Halloween celebrated in western countries :Shrikrushna explained to girl-devotee the difference between the Raja-Tama-predominant demoniacal actions and Sattva-predominant Divine actions of the two festivals.

1396803048_Umakka_1_lekh5_Icon1. Daily chores performed in the company of Shrikrushna

Having intense awareness of the existence of God or the Guru in any form and performing daily chores with this awareness.

1397062426_Umakka_1_lekh3_1252. Pictures depicting actions and events in sadhana

Shrikrushna does not seem to be doing anything physically, He exists in everyone and He alone is performing all the karmas in the subtle.

1397119543_Umakka_2_lekh2_1253. Pictures that display Shrikrushna’s teaching

For the sake of devotees, God discards His subtlest of the nirgun form and manifests in the captivating and easily identifiable sagun form.

1397124860_Umakka_2_lekh4_1254. Picture depicting God’s samashti mission

God has promised His devotees – ‘न मे भक्तः प्रणश्यति ।’,which means ‘My devotee will never be destroyed’. Accordingly, God protecting His devotees through different medium.

1397211199_Umakka_2_lekh6_1255. Spiritual experience that every seva is being performed by the grace of Shrikrushna

Performing seva, drawing the picture, doing prasar seva, facing a difficult situation or giving a discourse are being performed by the grace of Shrikrushna.

1397237243_Umakka_2_lekh15_1256. Picture depicting Some Anand-bestowing incidents in Sanatan

Shrikrushna showering his grace upon Seekers through medium of obtaining Divine Particles, obtaining knowledge from God, getting Divine fragrance & moulding Sanatan’s seekers into Saints.

1397240169_Umakka_2_lekh13_1257. Picture depicting spiritual experience pertaining to H.H. Dr Athavale

Mystery pertaining to H.H. Dr Athavale and Sweet memory that He is Madhuradhipati (Epitome of sweetness), Jaganmata (Mother of the world), Jagatpita (Father of the world) identical to Shrikrushna.