Pictures depicting spiritual experiences imparted by Shrikrushna

Shrikrushṇa performing abhishek (Consecration) of Deity Muruga (Kartikswami) the worshipped Deity of the lady-seeker in balakbhav with milk on realising her bhav of surrender that since she does not know how to love the worshipped Deity and is too small to worship.

A prayer : O Shrikrushna ! Teach me how to inculcate the bhav of, 1 – motherly love of Yashoda, 2 – the Priti of Radha, 3 – offering oneself unto Shrikrushna of Mira, 4 – a supplicant of Draupadi and 5 – also guide me in the Holy war as You guided the archer Arjun.

Performing manaspuja (Mental worship) : I am too young to worship with sixteen specific substances. Yet, I wished to worship God; hence, I did it mentally.

Atmanivedan (Conversation with God through an emotion of surrender) before H.H. Dr Athavale, Sagun form of Shrikrushna : Lady seeker was experiencing physical and mental distress and she drew this picture. While drawing it, she felt calm and peaceful.

While seeking forgiveness, the lady-seeker begs for her to be accepted : O Shrikrushna ! I seek forgiveness at Your Holy feet. I have lost count of how many mistakes I have committed so far; however, You are aware of everything. To me, You are my parent, Guru and everything.

One day, Shrikrushna pretended that His neck and shoulders were paining. Since the omnipotent and unconquerable God is everything to me, I could not watch Him suffer in pain. Hence, with my tiny hands I began to massage His neck and shoulders.

The picture displaying various states of balakbhav is akin to flowers of nine different types of devotion (navvidhbhakti) that are held together with vatsalyabhav to form a garland and offered to Shrikrushna.

Till completion of the picture on page Shrikrushna kept standing; hence, He is now resting on the bed. Since Shri Mahalakshmi is merged with Shrivishnu, there is no one to massage Shrikrushna’s legs; therefore, I am massaging His legs and singing the lullaby too.

Holding Shrikrushna’s Holy feet tightly : Picture shows the devotee who is performing devotion with complete surrender in an egoless state, and praying with a bhav of surrender for liberation from the cycles of birth and death and giving place at Shrikrushna’s Holy feet.

1396803048_Umakka_1_lekh5_Icon1. Daily chores performed in the company of Shrikrushna

Having intense awareness of the existence of God or the Guru in any form and performing daily chores with this awareness.

1397062426_Umakka_1_lekh3_1252. Pictures depicting actions and events in sadhana

Shrikrushna does not seem to be doing anything physically, He exists in everyone and He alone is performing all the karmas in the subtle.

1397119543_Umakka_2_lekh2_1253. Pictures that display Shrikrushna’s teaching

For the sake of devotees, God discards His subtlest of the nirgun form and manifests in the captivating and easily identifiable sagun form.

1397124860_Umakka_2_lekh4_1254. Picture depicting God’s samashti mission

God has promised His devotees – ‘न मे भक्तः प्रणश्यति ।’,which means ‘My devotee will never be destroyed’. Accordingly, God protecting His devotees through different medium.

1397211199_Umakka_2_lekh6_1255. Spiritual experience that every seva is being performed by the grace of Shrikrushna

Performing seva, drawing the picture, doing prasar seva, facing a difficult situation or giving a discourse are being performed by the grace of Shrikrushna.

1397237243_Umakka_2_lekh15_1256. Picture depicting Some Anand-bestowing incidents in Sanatan

Shrikrushna showering his grace upon Seekers through medium of obtaining Divine Particles, obtaining knowledge from God, getting Divine fragrance & moulding Sanatan’s seekers into Saints.

1397240169_Umakka_2_lekh13_1257. Picture depicting spiritual experience pertaining to H.H. Dr Athavale

Mystery pertaining to H.H. Dr Athavale and Sweet memory that He is Madhuradhipati (Epitome of sweetness), Jaganmata (Mother of the world), Jagatpita (Father of the world) identical to Shrikrushna.