Perform ‘Simollanghan’ not for political success but for success in establishing Dharma !

‘Vijayadashami’ is a festival that denotes the Sanatan tradition to perform ‘Simollanghan’ (Crossing the border of the area under one’s rule) to obtain victory over the enemy. This day is for remembering Shri Durga Devi who slayed the demon Mahishasur and remembering Arjun in Adnyatvas (Living incognito) who defeated Kouravs single-handedly.

In today’s times, ‘Simollanghan’ is performed on the day of Vijayadashami merely as a routine Karmakanda (Spiritual practice of rites, rituals and observances). When the elections are due, some Hindus appeal for ‘Simollanghan for votes’, presuming that Hindus will benefit if a political party with a particular ideology comes to power. In fact, the interests of Hindus have not been served despite political parties of all hues being in power in the Indian Democracy so far. As a result, the victory of any political party would mean a defeat for Hindus. Therefore, to create a system of governance which will work in the interests of Hindus would be the mission of establishing Dharma in today’s times. From this perspective, it is essential for every Hindu to perform ‘Simollanghan’ on this year’s Vijayadashami with the determination to carry out the mission of changing the system, meaning, establishing Dharma. To attain an ideal rule by establishing Dharma would be true victory for Hindus. Only after such a victory, Hindus would be able to celebrate the festival of Vijayadashami in the real sense.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale