Dnyanyogi Paratpar Guru Parsram Pande Maharaj  (92 years), equivalent to the status of a Sage, renounces his body

Paratpar Guru Pande  Maharaj

Devad (Panvel), March 3, 2019 – A follower of the Path of Knowledge with the nature of a Sage, Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj (92 years), the mirror image of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, showering immense unconditional love on every seeker from Sanatan, giving thousands of seekers a new lease of life through mantra remedies renounced His body on Sunday, Magh krushna paksha 12, Kaliyug varsha 5120 (that is March 3, 2019) at 5.22 p.m.at Sanatan’s ashram in Devad.

Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj suffered from a heart attack on the night of February 25, 2019 as He continued seva for the sake of the Hindu nation and the upcoming adverse times, useful for all mankind, after which He was hospitalised. After treatment He was brought back to the Sanatan ashram on March 2, 2019. Two minutes before the heart attack Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj told a seeker from the Devad ashram that He hoped for a peaceful death. Truly so He passed away peacefully. He had been residing in the Devad ashram since January 3, 2007.

When He renounced His body His son Amol, daughter-in-law Mrs. Devyani, granddaughter Gauri with a spiritual llevel of 61 %, grandson Saurabh and other relatives were by His bedside when He renounced His body.

The final rites of Paratapar Guru Pande Maharaj were performed on March 4, 2019.

We on behalf of Sanatan Sadgurus, Saints and seekers offer gratitude a million times at the Holy feet of Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj for the grace He has showered upon Sanatan seekers and the human race.


We prostrate at the Holy feet of
Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj a beautiful
blend of the Path of Action (Karmayoga), Path of
Devotion (Bhaktiyoga) and Path of Knowledge (Dnyanyoga)

A moment of spiritual emotion during the meeting of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale and that of Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj in 2007

‘Path of Devotion has its sweetness while Path of Knowledge is sort of dry. However in Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj there was a beautiful blend of devotion and knowledge. During a telephonic conversation He would speak 80% of the time and I would enjoy bliss from it. I have been experiencing this from our first meeting since 18.2.2005. His writing would be at times non-spiritual, in language comprehensible to society, the nation and Dharma and would be published in Sanatan Prabhat regularly. Seekers from Bharat or abroad would seek spiritual remedies for their distress any time of the day or night which He would give promptly and then follow up the case. So He was also a true follower of the Path of Action. Thousands of seekers have benefitted from remedies suggested by Him.

Our prayer at the Holy feet of God is ‘May the grace of Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj be showered upon us all the time’ !

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

Source :Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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