Sattvik products and Holy texts of Sanatan Sanstha were exhibited at Series of discourses in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) on the occasion of Sankranti (transmigration of the sun from one rashi (house) of the zodiac to the next) 

Perform spiritual practice to experience bliss –
Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingle, National Guide, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingle delivering a discourse during the series of discourses

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) – Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingle National Guide for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti during his discourse from the discourse series of Sankranti said that at present man is struggling to get happiness. It is impossible to experience bliss in the material world. For that you have to perform spiritual practice. It brings about spiritual progress and consequent experience of bliss.

Spiritual aspirants viewing Sanatan’s exhibition

Those attending the discourse were Dr. Nitin Adgaonkar, Mr. Abhay Gore, Dr. Jitendra Jamdar, Dr. Sarika Thosar, Mr. Uday Paranjape, Mr. Vinayak etc. The function was compered by Ms. Archana Ganorkar. At the venue of the function sattvik products and Holy texts of Sanatan Sanstha were exhibited. This received an overwhelming response from spiritual aspirants.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat