District Collector of Rajgad in Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Karmaveer Sharma pays a goodwill visit to Sanatan’s ashram in Ramnathi, Goa

Ms. Nidhi Deshmukh giving information on the subtle world to Mr. Karmaveer Sharma

Ramnathi (Goa) – Recently Mr. Karmaveer Sharma the District Collector and Judicial Magistrate of Rajgad, Madhya Pradesh paid a goodwill visit to Sanatan’s ashram in Ramnathi, Goa. His wife Dr. (Mrs.) Apurva Sharma, friend Mr. Ravi Tiwari, brother-in-law Mr.Bhardwaj and other family members were accompanying him. Miss Nidhi Deshmukh, seeker from Sanatan gave all information with regard to activities on the nation, Dharma and spiritual research going on in the ashram. On seeing the ashram Mr. Karmaveer Sharma commented on how peaceful and sattvik the ashram was and on how the knowledge imparted about the subtle world and its analysis is unique. Regarding the spiritual research being carried out in the ashram Mr. Sharma suggested that the theoretical and scientific definition of Spirituality can be clarified in greater detail and that the effect of reciting mantras too has to be studied in greater detail.

Dr. (Mrs.) Apurva Sharma – She stated that in the ashram she perceived intense purity, peace and simplicity. The administration too was worthy of appreciation. Knowledge about the subtle world was unique and the museum was worthy of being seen. She opined that overall the ashram was wonderful and that she was unable to give any suggestions for improvement of the ashram because she herself was in a state of introspection.

Mr. Ravi Tiwari (friend of Mr. Sharma), Indore, Madhya Pradesh – He said that he felt happy in the ashram and appreciated this mission for uniting Hindus and for preaching the Hindu Dharma. According to him the subtle world section was unique. He hoped that the Almighty would always shower His grace and blessings so that this mission continues.

Mr. Karmaveer Sharma is the son of the founder President of Shri Saptarshi Gurukul at Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh), Mr. Devkaran Sharma. Mr. Devkaran Sharma participated in the seventh all Bharat Hindu Conference held in Ramnathi, Goa in June 2018. He had also visited the Sanatan’s Ramanthi Ashram and learnt about its mission with respect to the nation and Dharma.

Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat.