Shri Mahakali yadnya (fire sacrifice) performed in Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram in Goa for bestowal of grace of Deity Shri Mahakali and to eradicate all evil tendencies

Ramnathi (Goa) – As advised by Maharshi Bhrugu on December 6, 2018 ‘Shri Mahakali yadnya’ was held at Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram with the objectives of alleviating the Mahamrutyuyoga (untimely death) of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale and giving Him a long and healthy life, eradicating all evil tendencies, overcoming fear in all seekers, removing obstacles in establishing a Hindu nation, eradicating physical, verbal, psychological and spiritual distress of devout Hindus, overcoming personality defects and ego in seekers and above all winning the grace of Deity Shri Mahakali. The resolve (sankalp) for this yadnya was made by Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal and it was conducted by Sanatan’s priest seeker Mr. Damodar Vazheguruji. The yadnya was attended by Sanatan’s Saints and seekers.

The religious rites performed were making a resolve, ritualistic worship of Shri Ganesh, ritualistic worship of Shri Mahakali followed by a havan (fire sacrifice) for Shri Mahakali and final oblation (purnahuti). During the yadnya the Kalikadevi stotra (Holy verse praising the Deity) and Saptashati Holy text were recited. Since the Shri Mahakalidevi Principle is attracted most to black colour the priests and Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda SIngbal had worn black clothing.


1. During the yadnya and its culmination some seekers were experiencing heat and spiritual distress.

2. After culmination of the yag when returning from Madkai (Goa) after the UTS recording Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal and three seekers accompanying Her spotted peacocks on the way.

3. During the ritualistic worship a butterfly was seated on the back of Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal.


1. Importance of performing the
Shri Mahakali yadnya at the Ramnathi
ashram as advised by Maharshi Bhrugu

Of the ten mahavidyas the first is Mahakali. It is from Her that siddhis (supernatural powers) and vidyas (knowledge) were created. In the Kaliyug fast results are obtained by performing ritualistic worship of Shri Mahakalidevi but if spiritual practice is done as per mind then the benefit is not optimum; in fact it may even be unsuccessful. If worship is done with the resolve of Sadguru then it is completed successfully. That is why this yag was being performed in the ashram as advised by Maharshi Bhrugu.


2. Mission of Shri Mahakalidevi

During conflict between Deities and demons, Devi slew millions of demons. Thereafter She became very ferocious so much so that there was a possibility of dissolution of Nature due to Her fury. At that time all Deities prayed to Bhagwan Shiva. To reduce Her anger Bhagwan Shiva lay down in front of Her. The moment She stepped upon His body Her anger calmed down.

During the Mahakali yadnya at Ramnathi
the hibiscus flower offered to the picture of
Shrikushna fell down and simultaneousluy during
ritualistic worship of Shri Dakshinakali in Kolkatta a
garland of the same type of flowers fell from the crown of Devi

When the ritual of a resolve of Shri Mahakali yadnya at Ramnathi was in progress the hibiscus flower offered to Shrikrushna at the reception of the ashram fell down. What is amazing is that simultaneously as Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgilkaku was performing ritualistic worship of Shri Mahakali at Kolkatta the hibiscus flower garland from Her crown also fell down. Shrikrushna is one of the ten incarnations of Shrivishnu while Shri Mahakali is one of the ten mahavidyas. These ten mahavidyas (Prakruti-the Great Illusion) is associated with the ten incarnations (Purush).

Based on this principle Shri Mahakalidevi is associated with Shrikrushna. Thus the simultaneous fall of the hisbiscus flower offered to Shrikrushna at the Ramnathi ashram and the garland of the same type of flowers falling from the crown of Deity Dakshinakali in Kolkatta is an example of this is what Sadguru (Mrs.) Gadgilkaku explained.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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