Not a single Sanatan seeker will rest till a Hindu nation is established – Vaidya (Mrs.) Diksha Pendbhaje, Sanatan Sanstha

Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabha at Mulund

Vaidya Uday Dhuri and Vaidya (Mrs.) Diksha Pendbhaje lighting the oil lamp

Mulund (Mumbai) – When speaking at the Vamanrao Muranjan Madhyamik Vidyalay in Mulund on December 15, 2018 at the Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabha organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti at Mulund Vaidya (Mrs.) Diksha Pendbhaje representing Sanatan Sanstha said that observing the deterioration of Dharma in the country today there is an intense need to perform the mission of Dharma. There is only one solution to all problems of Hindus, that is establishing a Hindu nation. Not a single seeker from Sanatan shall rest until this is established. Dr. Uday Dhuri was seated on the dais as Spokesperson for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. This was attended by 88 devout Hindus.

Vaidya Uday Dhuri said that in the past 71 years our culture, education system, places of pilgrimage, religious seats of worship etc have been attacked. The Government through the policy of commercialisation of temples is taking huge temples into its custody and is using the donations from them as per its whims and fancies. 100 crore Hindus have to beg before 18 crore Muslims to construct a Ram temple. In the Indiranagar, Mehur area of Mulund rampant conversions are occurring. There is need for anti-conversion and population control laws and for that a righteous Hindu nation is a must.


In the follow up meeting after the Sabha devout Hindus expressed the desire to conduct Balsanskar classes and also to participate in organisation of Hindu Jagruti Sabhas in their areas.


200 students from Vamanrao Muranjan Madhyamik Vidyalay visited the exhibition of revoluntionaries put up by the Samiti. Headmistress of the school, Mrs. Nalini Chitale contributed by giving the school hall while a decorator from Mulund, Mr. Chandrakant Mali provided the material required for setting up the exhibition.


Mr. Sachin Keluskar of Shri Shivapratishthan Hindusthan, Shivasena Shakhapramukh of Mulund Mr. Nilesh More and Mr. Amol Sansare were present. The local Bharatiya Janata Party Corporator Mr. Prakash Gangadhare also attended the Sabha.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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