Special satsang on behalf of Sanatan Sanstha at the Bharat Hindu Munnani office in Chennai

Mrs. Sugandhi Jaikumar guiding the audience

Chennai – On behalf of Sanatan Sanstha recently a special satsang for women was organised at the Bharat Hindu Munnani office at Patallam, Chennai by Mr. R. D.Prabhu. Mr. Jaikumar and Mrs. Sugandhi Jaikumar represented Sanatan Sanstha. Mrs. Sagandhi Jaikumar guided on ‘Importance of spiritual practice, chanting, observing the religious code of conduct and importance of samashti seva’.


1. Spouse of Mr. R.D. Prabhu Mrs. Shridevi clarified doubts on spiritual practice. She also assumed responsibility for conducting a similar satsang again a fortnight after commencing chanting.

2. Mr. Prabhu assured that he would apprise locals about the satsang being conducted here.

Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat