To fight personality defects, our enemies, it is necessary to do sessions with autosuggestions – Mrs. Savita Lele, Sanatan Sanstha

Dombivali – During her guidance at a spiritual practice camp at Dombivali at the residence of lady seeker Mrs. Garde, Sanatan’s lady seeker Mrs. Savita Lele said that battles fought between Treta and Dwapar yugs were both inside and outside the country but in the Kaliyug of today we have to fight the enemies of personality defects within and without us and for that the processes of personality defect removal and ego removal have to be practised. Autohypnotherapy sessions have to be performed. Till the subconscious mind is not aware of its defects they cannot be removed.. The programme was compered by Miss Anita Mulik. Another lady seeker from Sanatan Mrs. Shaila Ghag guided spiritual aspirants on importance of spiritual practice, how life changes by performing spiritual practice, principles of spiritual practice and importance of chanting the Name of the Family Deity and Deity Datta.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat