Sacrificing oneself for Hindu Dharma is in fact the greatest sacrifice – Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye

Conclusion of Hindu Rashtra
Sanghatak training workshop organised
to allow devout Hindus to get a glimpse of a
Hindu nation and to create the oneness of a family

Sangli –The upcoming times will be an extremely terrifying period of crises. Along with scarcity of food and water there will be a fury of other problems. To be able to survive this period of crises it is extremely essential to perform spiritual practice. Time is running out now. Hence maximum propaganda of Dharma is extremely essential. Spreading of Dharma being the best seva, sacrificing oneself for the Hindu Dharma is the greatest sacrifice is the guidance given by Sanatan’s Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye when speaking at the concluding session of the Hindu Rashtra Sanghatak training workshop organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti at Haridas Bhavan on December 9, 2018. 47 patriots attended the workshop. On the occasion Mr. Rajaram Repal and allopathic physician (Mrs.) Shilpa Kothawale were present on the dais. The workshop ended with singing of ‘Vande Mataram’.

Devout Hindu female participants of the workshop and Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye (1)
Devout Hindu male participants of the workshop and Sadguru (Miss ) Swati Khadye (1)

At that time Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye said that love jihad, land jihad, conversions etc. are numerous problems before Hindus. People belonging to other religions have pride for their respective religions and follow it but Hindus are unaware about their Dharma. Revolutionaries procured independence for us but look its pitiable state today. Establishing a Hindu nation is the only alternative to all this and we have to strive to establish it is the resolve made by devout Hindus. Topics covered during the workshop were how to establish contact, an indepth study of and applications of personality defect removal and ego removal processes, virtues that volunteers should possess and importance of Dainik Sanatan Prabhat. In the group discussions devout Hindus enrolled for active participation in establishing a Hindu nation.

A spiritual emotion enriched
expression by participant devout Hindus

1. Mrs. Suvarna Mali – I shall perform whatever seva is allotted to me wholeheartedly. Taking the initiative in arranging discourses I will try to deliver various topics to society through discourses.

2. Mrs. Anuja Dharme – I shall strive towards a Hindu nation sacrificing my body and mind.

3. Mr. Vaibhav Bhosale – We received indepth information on the different facets of seva. Also was able to learn the personality defect removal process in detail.

4. Mrs. Vijaya Babar, Tujarpur, Ishwarpur – God Himself brought me here. Formerly I could not do public speaking which I have learnt here.


1. Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye said that the action of devout Hindus bringing their families into spiritual practice is indeed praiseworthy. She appealed to them to encourage families of seekers in society to undertake spiritual practice in the upcoming times.

2. At the concluding function devout Hindus spontaneously shouted slogans such as ‘All of us are Sanatan’ and ‘Hail the Hindu nation’.

3. Organisers asked for forgiveness for any mistakes committed consciously or unconsciously. Some participants of the workshop asked for forgiveness in the mudra* (posture) of holding their ears.

*This posture helps in expiating sin committed through an action

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat