Mrs. Geetadevi Khemka (76 years) from Jaipur (Rajasthan) attains Sainthood

Mrs. Geetadevi Khemka is the mother of
a Saint from Sanatan, H.H. Pradip Khemka

H.H. (Mrs.) Geetadevi Khemka

*Sister-in-law of H.H. Pradip Khemka Mrs. Archana Sudeep Khemka (49 years) attains a spiritual level of 61 % 

*Announcement of the grandson of H.H. Pradip Khemka, Master Shrihari Rahul Khemka (2 years) being a soul which has come to the earth from Maharlok (higher positive region) to perform spiritual practice and his being at a spiritual level of 61 % !

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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