O Hindus a human birth is accomplished only if you receive Dharmashikshan and follow Dharma – Mrs. Nayna Bhagat, Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha

A resolve made to establish a Hindu nation
at the Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabha at Chunabhatti

Devout Hindus attending the Sabha
Mrs. Nayna Bhagat

Chunabhatti (Mumbai) – Greatness of the Hindu Dhama lies in its Guru-disciple tradition. Whenever our Dharma or nation has started deteriorating it is only the Guru-disciple tradition which has come forward to preserve the Sanatan Dharma, to cite examples Bhagwan Shrikrushna and Arjun, Arya Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya, Ramakrushna Paramhansa and Swami Vivekanand, Samasrth Ramdasswami and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Even today there are invasions on Hindu culture and traditions because of which its existence is being threatened. Saints are being defamed through false allegations. That is precisely why if Dharmashikshan in the Hindu Dharma is obtained and it is followed then human life will be more than accomplished is what Spokesperson for Sanatan Sanstaha Mrs. Nayna Bhagat said at the Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabha organised at the Saibaba Mitramandal Maidan at Chunabhatti .

Compering at the Sabha was done by Mrs. Mamta Desai. It commenced with blowing of the conch and lighting of an oil lamp. Then priest of the Murlidhar temple Vedamurty Mr. Prajwal Tembekar and Mr. Aniket Lele recited Vedic mantras. Mr. Sandip Shingade of the Samiti felicitated him.

Further Mrs.Bhagat said that in the evening instead of a lit oil lamp we hold a television remote in our hands. Television does not help the nation, Dharma, society, family or the individual on the contrary through it we become victims of jihad which is of 14 types. It is now time to give apt answers to politicians doing corruption in temple donations, fake rationalists, and communists and to atheists defaming the Hindu Dharma through creating false impressions of male-female equality. This will happen only if Hindus wake up from their slumber.

That Dharma triumphs over
unrighteousness is the only eternal philososphy
– Narendra Surve, Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Narendra Surve

Detrioration in the state of Hindus commenced after the words secularism and socialism were illegally inserted into the Constitution. A clear definition of secularism is not given in the Constitution but it has affected Hindus adversely, the most. Laws are applicable to Hindus and benefits are for followers of other religions. A subsidy 826 crore rupees is given to the Haj pilgrimage of Muslims. As against this Hindus on a pilgrimage to Kashi, Prayag Kumbha have to pay tax. The acche dinwala government stopped the Haj subsidy but soon started the Sadishagun scheme granting 18000 rupees to every young Muslim woman with no money to Hindu women. Hindus are banned from playing the loudspeaker after 10 p.m. for 10 days of a festival but this happens 365 days of the year with a prayer call at 5 a.m. Police do not follow court decisions, only threaten Hindus. The equation in Convent Christian schools is first donation, then admission and finally little education which will never be able to teach that ‘parents too are deities’. These schools will only create servants. Only the Hindu Gurukul system has the potential to create an owner is what we need to understand. Revered Saint Asaram Bapu is languishing in jail for years on false charges of rape while in Kerala a Bishop raping a nun gets bail within two daiys. The court has no time to give a verdict on Ram mandir, this is indeed unfortunate for Hindus. When will a system giving date upon date for a hearing be able to mete out justice ? As predicted by Saints a Hindu nation will be established in 2023. So let us dedictae ourselves to it with body, mind and wealth. This alone will uplift us spiritually.

Dignitaries gracing the occasion

Senior leader of Shivasena Mr. Liladhar Dake, Mr. Vijay Tandel of Shivasena, Shivasena Corporator Mrs. Sanvi Tandel and Bharatiya Janata Party Secretary Mrs. Bharti Kadu attended the meeting.


Many attended the meeting reading the flex boards about the nation and Dharma put up beside the road.

Salient features

A pledge to establish a Hindu nation was prompted by Mr. Balwant Pathak. In all 80 people attended this Sabha.

Police maintain vigil over the
programme of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

1. A policewoman came in plain clothes. She introduced herself and then jotted down the speeches.

2. Two policemen paid a casual visit to the programme after seeing the advertising banners. They stated that they were not on duty but had come simply out of curiosity and commented that the programme was good.

Follow up meeting

On Tuesday, 27 Novemebr 2018, at Santosh Classes, Dattatreya Sangh, near Datta temple at 8 p.m.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat