Shabrimala temple issue does not concern only Keralites it is a question of the identity of all Hindus – Abhay Vartak , Dharmapracharak, Sanatan Sanstha

37th annual Ayyappa Swami Puja Celebrations
at Bhoisar in an environment of spiritual emotion

From left to right Mr. Abhay Vartak presenting the topic, Mr. P.P. M. Nair, Mr. M.K. Nair and Mr. Gopinathan

Bhoisar (Palghar) – Sanatan Sanstha Dharmapracharak Mr. Abhay Vartak said that the Government is trying to give entry to women into the Shabrimala temple breaking age old temple traditions. The agitation started by women in Shabrimala against the Government is indeed praiseworthy. The Shabrimala temple issue is not restricted to Keralites but is a question of identity of all Hindus for which they should fight unitedly and reverse the verdict to protect our culture. As usual this year too the Bhoisar Ayyappa Puja Mandal had organised the Shri Ayyappa Swami Puja where Mr. Vartak was speaking.

A variety of cultural programmes was organised to commemorate the celebrations which was attended by devotees from different places.

Mr. Abhay Vartak said ….

1. In today’s times protecting Dharma itself means the ‘Ramayan ‘ and ‘Mahabharat’. There is need to follow what is preached in the Bhagwadgeeta. See how the Government is playing with the sentiments of Hindus and misusing the wealth donated by them wholeheatedly. How can a Government which does not have the capacity to run a ration shop systematically look after the administration of the temple ?

2. Running temples is not the work of the Government. Instead of giving the temple a grant the Government is trying to loot its funds. If all this is not opposed then our seats of Divine energy, rather our Hindu culture will be wiped off. Agitating about the Shabrimala issue is true devotion. All anti-Hindus are uniting to destroy our culture. Then do we Hindus not need to unite against them ?

Mr. Abhay Vartak was welcomed by Committee Member Mr. Prasad Nair and Mr. P.P.M. Nair by Committee Member Mr. Manu Mohan with a shawl and coconut. Other dignitaries present on the dais were Vice-President of the Ganesh temple Ayyappa Puja Mandal from Bhoisar Mr. S. K. Nair, Committee Member Mr. Gopinathan, Secretary Mr. Vinod etc. The programme was compered by Committee Member Mr. Gopinathan while Mr. Vinod proposed a vote of thanks. 100 devotees benefitted from this.

To preserva Hindu culture the need of the
hour is to inculcate appropriate values in the young
generation – P.P. M.Nair, Convenor, Shri Ramdas Ashram

P.P. M.Nair

Today all Hindus should support women who are agitating against the Government in the Shabrimala temple issue. To educate the young generation start from yourself. Observing the Shabrimala temle issue there is a need to create sanskars (values) on the youth of today so the elders have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Nowadays anyone ridicules Hindu culture and Sanatan Dharma for which we are helpless. We ourselves are responsible for this. We did not give our children Dharmashikshan. We never explained to them why we should wear a tilak on the forehead, why we should go to the temple and the importance of age old traditions. That is precisely why Hindu Sanatan culture is getting wiped out. Sanatan Dharma introduces us to our inner soul, teaches it how to live, if someone questions our traditions and customs it teaches how to answer him confidently in scientific terminology. This will protect our culture and the questioner will not dare to ask more questions again.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat