The stand of Sanatan Sanstha about the chargesheet submitted in the Nala Sopara case

There is not even
a reference of the word ‘Hindu
Nation’ in the Holy text ‘Kshatradharma
Sadhana’; the allegations of ATS are baseless !

The press note issued by Mumbai Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) for publicity about the chargesheet submitted yesterday in Nala Sopara explosives case is extremely ridiculous, defective and deserves to be protested. If the press note is so defective, one can very well imagine how the actual chargesheet must be full of mistakes. We are presenting ahead our role about the main allegations in the chargesheet, said Mr. Chetan Rajhans, the National Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha.

1. Allegation : During the investigation, members of Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and other similar organisations have been arrested

Fact : We had held a press conference on this issue on 26th August 2018 (and issued 4 press notes before this date) in which we had clarified that nobody out of the arrested accused is a seeker of Sanatan Sanstha. Out of these, Vaibhav Raut, Sudhanva Gondhalekar, Shrikant Pangarkar and Avinash Pawar have their own independent organisations, and they had intermittently participated in the programmes or agitations about unity of Hindus, held by Sanstha; however, they were never seekers of Sanatan Sanstha nor did they perform spiritual practice (sadhana) under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha. The names of the remaining 5 individuals were heard by us for the first time after they were arrested. The investigation agencies are aware that these persons include few individuals from other organisations. Still, they have not named these organisations purposefully; however, they named only Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti only because these organisations work for the propagation of Dharma and create awakening on the Hindu Nation. This shows an attempt being made to target Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti with revengeful attitude. Earlier, we have never denied that those involved in past cases were the seekers of Sanatan Sanstha because they were ours only. However, an attempt to name the individuals who are not our seekers and target Sanatan Sanstha is despicable and needs to be protested.

2. Allegation : These members were inspired with the objective of the ‘Hindu Nation’ as mentioned in the Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Kshatradharma Sadhana’ and organised a gang of like-minded youth by collaborating with each other.

Fact : In the Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Kshatradharma Sadhana’, the word ‘Hindu Nation’ does not appear at all. Therefore, to say that they were inspired with the objective of the ‘Hindu Nation’ by reading the said Holy text is totally false. This goes to show how this chargesheet is defective. In the Holy text ‘Kshatradharma Sadhana’, references of sayings, shlokas from the great Scriptures of Hindu Dharma such as ShrimadBhagawad Geeta, Mahabharat, Ramayan, etc. are given. Similarly, this Holy text was published about 20 years ago, and no reprinting of the Holy text was carried out during the last 10 years. However, now we have decided to reprint it to expose the falsehood of the investigating agencies and will soon make it available for all.

If ATS says that some people got inspired to indulge in murder and terrorist activities by reading ‘Kshatra-Dharma Sadhana’, then will the same ATS show the courage to name the books which inspire Jihadi terrorists to kill lakhs of people by exploding hundreds of bombs or the Naxalite terrorists who have brutally killed thousands ?

3. Allegation : Planning to disrupt the proposed ‘Sunburn Festival’ by indulging in stone-pelting and use of country-made bombs, petrol bombs and other firearms.

Fact : In this case (i.e., protests against ‘Sunburn’), some devout Hindu activists were arrested in 2018. ‘Sunburn Festival’ took place in 2017. In fact, we have been opposing this festival for the last three years through all constitutional means. We have been creating awareness among the people as to how the organisers of this so-called festival have been merrily breaking various laws, how they have avoided paying appropriate taxes resulting in a loss of several crore rupees to the exchequer, how they have unlawfully destroyed forests, how liquor was illegally sold in villages where there was prohibition, how many youngsters have died because of consumption of drugs (peddled by their associates) and how they cause noise pollution by not observing legally prescribed decibel limits. The damage caused to our culture is yet another thing to note. The villagers came forward to lead these initiatives. During this entire three year period, no incident of even a minor violence or a small unlawful step ever took place. In spite of these stark facts, to accuse us of hatching a conspiracy for carrying out bomb blasts is the height of falsehood. Will those who accuse us of hatching conspiracy point out any violent incident that actually took place ?

4. In the Marathi press note, it has been mentioned that there are 12 suspects of whom 9 have been arrested and 3 are absconding. However, at the end of the very same press note, 12 names of persons arrested are given. It is a good example of a faulty investigation followed by faulty charge-sheet and faulty press note.

We have only seen the press note stating that the charge-sheet has been filed. However, we have not received the actual charge-sheet. We will give a detailed response only after going through the charge-sheet. The Congress party had hatched a conspiracy to create a bogey of ‘Saffron Terrorism’ using the Malegaon blasts. In view of the new allegations, it seems that (they have realised that) this previous conspiracy has failed. Hence, new stories are built as ‘Malegaon Part 2’, this time, to paint the ‘Sanatan Sanstha’ and ‘Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’ as ‘Saffron Terrorists’. The Karnataka Government is using the SIT to re-create the bogey of ‘Saffron Terror’ in view of the approaching general elections, and it is well-known that the Maharashtra ATS is acting at the behest of the Karnataka SIT. However, Mr. Chetan Rajhans has stated that we have full faith in the judiciary and called upon the investigating agencies to show the courage and actually proceed with the prosecution so that we will be able to establish our innocence.

Yours Truly,
Chetan Rajhans
National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha
Contact no. : 7775858387

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