Ceremony of installation of the idol of Bhagwan Jagannath held in Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram in an atmosphere charged with bliss and spiritual emotion


The idol of Shri Jagannath installed in the temple within the Ramnathi ashram
From left to right – Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal, Saguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil and H.H. (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil worshipping Deity Jagannath, with priests Mr. Amar Joshi and Mr. Damodar Vazheguruji

Ramnathi (Goa) – On the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami  a wooden idol (made from wood of the neem tree)  was installed in the Ramnathi  ashram in an atmosphere charged with bliss and spiritual emotion amidst the resolves of endowing a long life to Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale,  receiving blessings for establishing a Hindu nation from all Deities, getting  all obstacles in this mission alleviated, alleviating the physical, psychological and spiritual distress of seekers and devout Hindus working towards this mission and developing courage and valour in them. These ceremonies lasting for two days  were hosted by H.H. (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil and His wife Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil. Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal too blessed the occasion with Her presence. Saints and seekers from the ashram benefitted from this function which was charged with Divine Consciousness.

In the evening on October 17, 2018 rituals performed were making the resolve, worshipping Shri Ganesh, Punyahavachan, Matrukapujan etc, followed by invocation and worship of Shri Jagannath, tadan vidhi of the idol (to eliminate the defects arising when creating the idol) etc. On Vijayadashami, that is October 18, 2018 the invoked Deities were worshipped, fire (agni) was installed, fire sacrifice of the premises (vastuhom) and worship of the nine planets was done and concluded with the hom of installion of Deity Jagannath. Thereafter the invoked idol of Deity Jagannath was moved and installed  in the temple  (this is done during palkhi etc.) This concluded with a fire sacrifice with offering of an oblation in the fire. Sanatan seeker priests Mr. Damodar Vazheguruji and other priest seekers participated in these rituals.

The idol of Bhagwan Jagannath charged with
spiritual emotion, devotion, energy and Divine Consciousness
installed in the temple of the ashram in an atmosphere of bliss

Rarely does any other place get the glory of the place of pilgrimage of Puri of Bhagwan Jagannath. To be able to to experience the most blissful atmosphere charged with Divine Consciousness from the greatest seat of Jagannath, people from all over the country and the world flock to Puri and and get their desire of a vision of Him fulfilled. In fact devotees are very eager to experience that state. The atmosphere in Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram is similar to it to some extent. On the auspicious occasion of Dasra this ashram of Sanatan where Saints, Sadgurus and Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale Himself resides, had become charged with bliss.

The environment in the temple in the ashram where Deity Jagannath was installed on the day of Vijayadashami had become charged with Divine Consciousness. The pictures and idols of Deities in the temple had been garlanded with fragrant floral garlands. Rangoli was drawn and oil lamps were lit. Due to the environment in the temple of the ashram the entire ashram was charged with bliss and Divine Consciousness. H.H.(Dr.) Mukul Gadgil entered the temple carrying the idol of Jagannath accompanied by Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil and Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal. In the temple room the idol was worshipped by these Saints once again. Bhagwan Jagannath was installed there amidst recitation of Vedic mantras  in an atmosphere of Divine Energy, spiritual emotion, devotion and Divine Consciousness.

Bhagwan Shrikrushna of His own accord gets
Himself installed in the ashram for the reinstatement of Dharma

Bhagwan Shrikrushna has promised that ‘Whenever there is deterioration in Dharma, to reinstate it I shall take birth again and again’. In the present period Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale has undertaken the mission of establishing a Hindu nation, that is of reinstating Dharma. The spiritual emotion awakened among seekers is that to bless it and to take it to completion without any obstacles,  Bhagwan Shrikrushna Himself has manifested in the ashram in the form of Bhagwan Jagannath.

A prayer charged with spiritual emotion
told by Mr. Vinayak Shanbag during the worship

1. O Shrikrushna and Paratpar Guru You are giving us bliss through various mediums, sometimes through chanting, sometimes through seva and at other times through satsang (spiritual meetings) and recently through yadnyas and ritualistic worship. When a Hindu nation will be established on the earth the bliss which will be experienced is unimaginable and all of us seekers are grateful at your Holy feet for that. You will give all of us not only a Hindu nation but also the highest level of bliss and we offer gratitude again and again for that. Please teach us how to express gratitude beyond words. From this very moment till we live on the earth may we be able to remain in seva unto You. Bless us to be able to remain in a continuous state of spiritual emotion.

2. According to the Vishnu Puran in the entire universe there is none more forgiving than Bhagwan Shrivishnu. On this auspicious day of Vijayadashmi all of us seekers pray at the Holy feet of the forgiving Shrivishnu. O Shrivishnu if in the past few births we have committed mistakes through our mind and intellect then in this birth please forgive us. May Your glory be sung through our speech and conduct. May we not be bereft of words, on any part of the earth that you send us to, to praise You and may our minds remain in perpetual spiritual emotion.

With the installation of Shri Jagannath,
that is Bhagwan Shrikrushna, seekers are free of worry

Today seekers and devout Hindus have to face distress due to physical, psychological or spiritual problems or anti-religious propaganda. Five thousand years ago when Dharma had to face a calamity Bhagwan Shrikrushna took birth and eliminating the enemy reinstated Dharma; so all this distress is temporary. Seekers feel that through the medium of this idol of Shri Jagannath Shrikrushna Himself  has been installed in the ashram.

Prayer unto Shrikrushna, that is
Shri Jagannath, by seekers from the ashram

O Shrikrushna You have come to the ashram in the form of the idol of Deity Jagannath and have involved us in the mission of Dharma. Please remain here for eras (yugs) to come, guide devotees and reinstate Dharma. We do not know the difference between Maya (the Great Illusion) and Brahman (God Principle). Let us remain in continuous remembrance of the Holy feet of the Guru. In the mission of reinstating Dharma may we always be able to serve You promptly.


Auspicious signs during
installation of the idol of Bhagwan Jagannath

1. Flower offered to Shri
Mahaganapati falls on the ground as a blessing

As the installation of the idol of Shri Jagannath commenced Shri Mahaganapati was invoked and worshipped ritualistically. The flower offered to Shri Mahaganapati fell on the ground as a blessing. At that time priest Mr. Damodar Vazheguruji praised seeker Mr. Vinayak Shanbag present there.  He said that when Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil is on a spiritual tour and she has to visit a place she says ‘Vinayak let us go there’. Now Vinayak is one of the Names of Shri Ganesh. So in a way Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil utters the Name of Shri Ganesh so wherever they go the objective is fulfilled.

2.Seekers blessed with vision of a silvery serpent

When the installation ceremony of Bhagwan Jagannath was in progress in the ashram a lady seeker, Miss Madhavi Potdar, serving there happened to visit the nearby temple of Shri Shantadurga. When returning to the ashram on the way she saw a silvery serpent. She had never heard of a silvery serpent till that day. So this was the grace of God. When she offered prayers along with other seekers the serpent instead of going straight looked at them, turned and left.

3.Clouds in the sky were rotating like the discus of Shrikrushna

When offering of the final oblation (purnahuti) in the fire was in progress a cool breeze was blowing and yellow light was emanating into the environment. At that time the clouds in the sky had assumed a form like the rotating discus of Shrikrushna, the main weapon of Shrikrushna. This form was visible for only a minute.

4.After the final oblation was offered in the fire two
butterflies appeared in the vicinity of the yadnya (fire sacrifice)

After the final oblation in the yadnya two butterflies were seen in the vicinity of the yadnya, one of which sat on the recently installed staff of Deity Kalbhairav and the other on a chair of a Saint. They were roaming freely at the venue of the yadnya for a long time. At the time of the final oblation a stream of ghee flows into the fire continuously increasing the flame and heat in the surroundings. Yet these tiny butterflies remained there showing their spiritual virtues.

5. planet Jupiter (Guru) in the orbit of the moon

After all rituals of installation of Deity Jagannath were accomplished an auspicious sign which was observed was appearance of the planet Jupiter (Guru) in the orbit of the moon

6. Thunder and heavy rain

Five thousand years ago when Bhagwan Shrikrushna was born there was thunder and heavy rain. The same scenario was observed when the idol of Deity Shri Jagannath was installed in the ashram. The moment the priests invoked Deity Jagannath it began to rain heavily amidst thunder. Seekers in the ashram harboured the spiritual emotion that Balkrushna Himself had arrived in the ashram in the form of Deity Jagannath and were full of gratitude unto the Holy feet of Shrikrushna.

7.Experiencing the assurance from the Scriptures
that it rains when a yadnya is delivered unto Deities

Till today several yadnyas have been performed in Sanatan’s ashram in Ramnathi. Recently four Hanumankavach yadnyas were performed and each and every time the promise in the Scriptures that every time a yadnya is delivered unto a Deity, it rains, that is Deity Varun manifests, came true. Priest Mr. Damodar Vazheguruji when installing the idol of Shri Jagannath said that the resolves will be fulfilled and that this celebration will become charged with bliss.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat