To protect seekers performing the mission of establishing a Hindu nation worship and installation of the staff of Deity Kalbhairav held in Sanatan’s ashram in Ramnathi, Goa

Installation of the idol of Deity Shri
Jagannath at Sanatan’s ashram in Ramnathi, Goa

Performing rituals for the staff of Shri Kalbhairav from left priests Mr. Damodar Vazhe, Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil and Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal and priest Mr. Ishan Joshi

Worship and installation rituals of
the staff of Shri Kalbhairav also performed

Ramnathi (Goa) – Ashtami (eighth day) of Navaratri, that is Durgashtami, during the reign of Uttarashad planet, the birth planet of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Jayant Athavale, a staff of Shri Kalbhairav gifted by a Saint was worshipped and installed in Sanatan’s ashram at Ramnathi, Goa by Sanatan’s Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal and Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil. Shri Kalbhairav is but another form of Deity Shiva. The staff was installed in a small temple beside that of Deity Hanuman in the courtyard of the Sanatan ashram. Shiva is the presiding Deity of the southern direction hence the staff of Shri Kalbhairav  was installed facing the south in the presence of Saints and seekers from Sanatan. The Deity guarding the territory of Bharat (kshetrapal), Kalbhairav, exists in the Holy place of Kashi as ‘Swarnakalbhairav’. The earth in all has 51 seats of Divine Energy (shaktipeeth) and Kalbhairav has been assigned the mission of protecting them.  Deity Durga  annihilated demons such as Mahishasur to reinstate Dharma. Shri Kalbhairav too is a protector of Dharma.  As the staff of Shri Kalbhairav was being worshipped and installed seekers from the ashram harboured the spiritual emotion that the Ramnathi ashram, a seat of Divine Energy, will be protected by Shri Kalbhairav.

Ritual of worship of the staff of Shri Kalbhairav

Both the Sadgurus under the guidance of Maharshi Bhrugu first consecrated the staff of Shri Kalbhairav with turmeric water and then rose water. The staff was offered a silver bangle, followed by a garland of kanher (Indian oleander) flowers and a garland of limes. Also a floral essence (attar) of Punugu used in Tamilnadu in South Bharat was offered obeying the orders of Maharshi. Finally an offering of food (naivedya) of rice with lime juice was made. Lime is used to cast off the evil eye and to alleviate distress of individuals, the sourness of lime sucks negative energies hence lime is associated with Kalbhairav.


Ritualistic worship and
installation of the staff of Shri Kalbhairav

Points perceived by Sadguru (Mrs.)
Anjali Gadgil and Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal when
performing ritualistic worship of the staff of Shri Kalbhairav

1. Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil

A. As priest Mr. Damodar Vazhe Guruji recited the Kalbhairavashtak Holy verse,  in the subtle I saw black dogs which are vehicles of Shri Kalbhairav and serpents  (which exist on the body of Kalbhairav) in large numbers as they had come to guard the ashram.

B. In Kashi Deity Kalbhairav is smeared with shendur. When ritualistic worship of His staff was being performed in the subtle I saw a colossal hand smeared with shendur moving over the edges of the main door of the ashram and smearing it with shendur. I also perceived that Shri Kalbhairav Himself was creating an armour of of a thunderbolt (vajra) around the ashram . (At that time Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal got a vision of Kashi Vishweshwar.)

2. Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal

A. ‘At the site of the yadnya Shiva seated in meditation was visible on the seat of a Saint.

B. After the staff of Shri Kalbhairav was brought into the ashram I could perceive energy emanating from it. In reality Deity Shiva has sent the staff for protection of embodied souls of seekers all over the world for which I was able to express gratitude unto Him.

C. At the time of ritualistic worship 12 mountains were invoked and their presence was actually felt.

D. I could feel energy entering the staff after its being touched by a Saint. When we Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal and Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil lifted the metal pot with the staff in it, it was very heavy. After a Saint touched it it became heavier. In fact we had to lift it with both hands however when installing it in the hollow (small temple) created for it, I alone was able to hold it as it felt light once again. The process of installing the staff in the temple after it was touched by a Saint occurred very easily. The staff entered the temple on its own and my hand was spontaneously drawn into it’.

Salient points perceived by Sadguru
(Mrs.) Binda Singbal when worshipping the idol, yantra and staff

‘For several years as ordered by Maharshi, Deities and yantras are being worshipped in Sanatan’s ashram at Ramnathi. When performing ritualistic worship of the materialised form (sagun) of the Deity automatically spiritual emotion for it is awakened in the self. When Maharshi had advised worship of different yantras too I had experienced similar spiritual emotion for them. Now as recommended by Maharshi the staff of Shri Kalbhairav was worshipped. The staff is not a materialised form, of Kalbhairav it is His formless state. Yet when worshipping the staff the same spiritual emotion was generated. At this juncture I perceived how the same spiritual emotion can be awakened for materialised and non-materialised (nirgun) forms of God.


1.After worship of the staff of Shri Kalbhairav  two butterflies appeared at the venue of the worship and close to seekers.

2. UTS readings were taken before and after performing worship of the staff of Shri Kalbhairav, of the bangle offered to Him, of the seat of the worship and of Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal and Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil. As the Sadgurus were going to to get their UTS readings recorded and when returning, on the road they spotted monkeys, cows and calves. At the site of the testing they saw a peacock and white-throated kingfisher birds. The appearance of all animals was an auspicious sign. When UTS readings were being recorded a special feature is that one of these animals would appear there.

 ‘O Shri Kalbhairav Adi Shanakaracharya had offered a prayer at Your Holy feet through the Holy verse of Kalbhairavashtak that whenever there will be reinstatement of Dharma (righteousness) You shall protect it. Based on this prayer when performing the expansive mission of spreading Dharma You alone are creating an armour around us  and protecting us for which all of us seekers offer gratitude a million times at Your Holy feet.’

Spiritual experiences of Mr. Vinyak Shanbag
before worship and installation of Shri Kalbhairav

‘During the rituals Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal and Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil had worn blood red coloured nine yard saris. As I looked at them both, on behalf of seekers, in my mind I prayed to both of Them in the form of Divine Energy . At that time I felt as if my subtle body was performing arti for them and offering flowers at Their Holy feet. In 2003 Sadguru (Miss) Anuradha Wadekar had been granted a vision by Deity Durga . Both Sadgurus were resembling that picture and they were adorning different Divine weapons in Their hands. Their faces were lit up with a smile and They had raised one leg like Deity Durga.

– Mr. Vinayak Shanbag, Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa