Secularists create a ruckus on Jai Maharashtra news channel on the debate topic of ‘we do not want devotion with scanty clothing’

Ban on scanty clothing for entry into
temples by Western Maharashra Devasthan Samiti

This decision taken by the Ambabai temple Devasthan Samiti will lead to a strike after Bharatiya Janata Party’s vowed slogans of ‘Save the girl child, educate the girl child’ and ‘Good days are to come for women. When expressing her resentment towards the decision taken by the Ambabai temple Devasthan Samiti, founder of the Bhumata Brigade organisation Trupti Dessai  warned that if this decision is not reverted before October 10, 2018 then they would retaliate by going to Kolhapur and questioning the President of the Samiti. Sanatan Sanstha Spokesperson Mrs.Nayana Bhagat, actor Reshma Ramachandran and Trupti Dessai were particiapnts of this debate which was compered by Vishal Patil.

The poll conducted by Jai Maharashtra news channel

Is the decision taken by Western Maharashtra Devasthan Committee appropriate ?

Yes -75 %  

No -25 %

Hindu hatred of the media

1. The caption of the programme was ‘we do not want devotion in scanty clothing’.

2. It was being telecast that since this decision is against clothing of women there was intense resentment among them.

3. A Hindu hate caption read ‘Fatwa by Western Maharashtra temple committee’.

4. Who will decide what is dressing scantily ? Who will enter the temple in scanty clothing ?

5. Reshma Ramachandran was asked what her opinion on the priest being in a semi-nude state was.

6. The compere asked Mrs. Nayana Bhagat whether devotion was a business and considering it so a fixed dress code should be kept for entry into the temple.

One experiences Divine
Consciousness (Chaitanya) from the
temple bearing sattvik clothing covering
the body – Mrs. Nayana Bhagat, Sanatan Sanstha

Mrs. Nayana Bhagat

The appeal to not wear scanty clothes in the temple has been made to both genders so protests by women are wrong. The Scriptures describe the paths of Action (Karmayoga). Knowledge (Dnyanyoga), Meditation (Dhyanyoga) and Devotion (Bhaktiyoga). Path of rituals (Karmakand) is bound by a number of restrictions. Even in social life uniforms are compulsory for police, doctors, vigilance department, media and several other fields and they are being complied with strictly. The same is applicalble here. Temples are seats of Divine Consciousness and energy. Devotees enter the temple to experience the energy and Divine Consciousness there. If you dress in sattvilk, well covered clothing then the Divine Consciousness experienced is more is what Sanatan Sanstha Spokesperson  Mrs. Nayana Bhagat said.

Clarification of the points expressed by
actor Reshma Ramachandran about Dharma
and society without any study, out of ignorance

1. Science does not say that only a fully clad man can merge into God. We are born nude so why will he object to our nudity ? (Just because we are born nude do we carry out worldly activities in that state ? We are not living in the jungle; we are a part of society. Man has developed cultural values in this society and the average individual with average intelligence wears clothing. Hindu Dharma does not object to nudity, it handles all issues but for society to run smmohly cultural values and norms are essential. – Editor)

2. If half clad beggars outside the temple wish to take darshan of devi then will they be stopped ? Have they no right to faith ? (Even beggars are well clothed. If you offer them clothes they will wear them. A beggar not having clothes is different  and those well-off being scantily clad is another issue – Editor)

3. This is oppression. (It is secularists who use pressure tactics to gain cheap publicity– Editor)

4. Let people go to the temple in whichever way they wish. God will accept man as he is. You do not decide what is acceptable to God and what is not. All of them are just lessees. (Then will the secularists take decisions about things in every sphere ?  If Ms. Ramachandra speaks about rules in other sectors then she will be ridiculed. –Editor)

We shall uproot the male mentality  -Trupti Desai

This decision is dictatorial.When men or women go to the temple their faith and spiritual emotion are important. This decision has been taken due to a perverted mentality. We are trying to destroy the mentality that men get attracted to women due to their skimpy clothing. (How will Ms. Desai change the mentality of men ? How does the media invite such people who make such childish and ridiculous statements to their debates ? – Editor)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat