Reasons for shraddha karma (rites for the dead) not performed after death of infants

1. As infants are neither attached to the world nor do
they have any give -and-take account to be completed in that
birth these embodied souls do not get trapped in the nether region
(bhuvalok). Hence shraddha rites are not performed after death of infants.

Lady seeker : Why are shraddha rites not performed for infants ?

Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingle : Shraddha rites are performed for upto three generations. These rites help in overcoming debts unto deceased ancestors (pitar). When infants who have no teeth and bone formation has not been completed die their shraddha rites are not performed because they have left after completion of their give-and-take accounts in this world. Such embodied souls who live in the world for a short time are not attached to their bodies. Also as no give-and-take account is left it does not get trapped in the nether region and attains momentum in its spiritual journey..’

– Mrs. Sanika Singh, Varanasi (22.4.2018)


2. Provisions made in the Scriptures
for rites after death of children upto ten years old

‘After the death of children below 10 years when performing the shraddha rites after offering of a pinda (cooked rice ball with black sesame seeds strewn on it) they are offered a mouthful of food amidst chanting of mantras. This ritual is called ‘prakir’. As no subconscious impressions (sanskars) have been created in such young embodied souls God has made this provision for them.’

– Mr. Damodar Vazeguruji (Sanatan priest), Sanatan ashram, Goa (31.7.2018)

Negative energies : Both positive and negative energies are active in the environment. Positive energies assist man in his good missions while negative ones obstruct it. The Vedas and Puranas give numerous instances of how in the ancient times Sages were obstructed from performing yadnyas by demons. The Atharvaveda gives a number of mantras to overcome demons, spirits, black magic etc. Also besides the Vedas other Holy texts  suggest spiritual remedies to overcome negative energy distress.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat