Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s message for Gurupurnima 2019

Getting prepared to face the adverse-times amounts
to obeying the orders of the Guru as per the significance of times !

‘Presently, the Nation and Dharma are transiting through adverse times. Repeatedly facing natural disasters, increased predominance of anti-nationals and heretics, occurrence of incidents that lead to political instability, generation of obstacles in the auspicious deeds performed in the interest of society, Nation and Dharma, etc. are some of the physical symptoms of adverse times. To a common man, leading a day-to-day life becomes a struggle during such times. A few months after the Gurupurnima, the severity of adverse times will intensify. After this adverse time at the beginning of next year, India will have to face adverse times. Many evolved Saints have predicted that anti-national powers will hatch a conspiracy to incite a civil adverse on caste and communal lines. A horrible situation similar to riots of 1947 will arise in the country. In 2021, a adverse-like situation will prevail on the borders of the country. Overall, the period from 2020 to 2023 will be a period of adverse time for India. To survive and endure life during these horrible times, it is essential to progress spiritually by performing intense spiritual practice. Our preparations for facing the adverse-times have to commence right from today. To create an awakening in society about the future severe adverse times is also samashti sadhana of the present times.

Guru exists in Principle form. The Guru Principle is active through the medium of various Saints. Today, many Saints and Incarnate beings are talking about the ensuing adverse times. This is an indication enough for gauging the severity of adverse times in store. The Saints who have attained the level of Guru have the ability to transcend time; hence, they are making the society aware of the adverse times by foreseeing what is in store. If the devotees at the level of disciples carry out similar task, it amounts to carrying out the task by understanding Guru’s will.

Preparing to face the extremely adverse adverse-times, enlightening others about it and protecting the brethren from society during the adverse-times will amount to obeying the orders of the Guru as per the significance of times. Make a resolve to carry out this Guru’s mission of the Guru after the Gurupurnima celebrations this year.’

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Jayant Athavale, Sanatan Sanstha