Temple cleanliness campaign arranged in Pune

Pune, 6th May (News) – Temples have a great significance in Hindu Dharma. Saints have stated that ‘Temples are the source of energy for Hindus.’ Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj too had made provisions for ensuring security of the temples, their renovation and performing rituals and rites regularly in the temples. However today, due to lack of education on Dharma, the temples are being ignored. With the objective of awakening spiritual emotion towards temples in Hindus and generating a sense of gratitude towards Deities, temple cleanliness campaign was organized at various places within Pune city on the occasion of Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale’s birthday celebrations. There is overwhelming participation of readers of Sanatan Prabhat, devout Hindus and those having pride in Hindu Dharma, in this campaign.

Kashivishweshwar temple at Bharti Vidyapeeth being cleaned by ladies


1. On 2nd May, collective cleanliness of wish-fulfilling Ganesh temple at Bharti Vidyapeeth was organized. Readers of Sanatan Prabhat newspaper, Mrs. Vaishali Lokhande and Mrs. Kavita Jagtap spontaneously participated in it.

Shri Suryamukhi Ganesh temple at Talegaon being cleaned

2. On 2nd May, a collective cleanliness campaign of Shri Suryamukhi Ganesh temple at Talegaon was organized. Usha Sandbhor, Mangal Pawar and Alka Dhandre participated in cleaning of the temple. All participants remarked that they experienced a lot of bliss while performing the seva.

On 28th April, Shri Tuljabhavani Devi temple at Bharti Vidyapeeth, on 29th April, Janubai temple at Dhankavdi and on 1st May, Shri Kashivishweshwar temple at Bharti Vidyapeeth were cleaned.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat