Chennai : Sanatan Sanstha conducts a satsang in a Business group’s social get-together meet !

Shri. Balajee giving an introduction on about performing Spiritual Practice


Sri. Jaykumar guiding the audience on the topic of ‘ Stress Management ‘


Smt. Kalpana Banerjee speaking on the significance of various festivals in the Hindu religion

Chennai, 7th April 2018 :  A Family Social Get-together was planned in a resort near Chennai by a Business group named BNI. Around 20 Family members attended this Get-together. Amidst all the other activities , a satsang was conducted by Sanatan Sanstha for the members attending this get together.

A Chennai based Sanatan seeker Shri. Balajee is a part of this business group, and he had an intense desire to conduct a Satsang during this Social gathering. As a result of his initiative, the Organizers allotted a half-an hour slot to conduct satsang on Saturday morning before the cultural events would start.

Shri. Balajee started the Satsang by giving a detailed introduction on how Spiritual practice helps us in improving our attributes and said that he himself is a live example and has experienced it practically.

Shri. Jaikumar guided the audience on the topic of Stress Management through a power point presentation .

Later, Smt. Kalpana Balajee, delivered a lecture stating the importance of Tamil New Year day celebrations, importance and Spiritual science behind the Akshaya Triti day, importance of Chanting and many points on how to do our daily activities as sadhana.

Flex economy books along with pamphlets giving detailed information about Akshaya Tritiya were distributed to all attendees.

Finally, Shri. Balajee concluded the Satsang by thanking the audience and asked them to start practicing the points that were shared, to experience the results. Around 25 members benefited from the satsang.


  1. As per the original program schedule fun filled activities were planned after the satsang but due to some reason the other activities were cancelled and the people present were engrossed in the satsang for a longer time.
  2. Due to an urgent call Dr. Divya’s husband had to leave the satsang but once he came back he spent some time to understand about the stress management topic.
  3. One Mr. James, a Christian, was the organizer of the whole program. He attended the satsang from beginning till end with great interest.
  4. After the session, with Guru’s blessings, the hall remained calm and serene and it remained in that state for a long time. Couple of ladies personally approached Smt. Kalpana Balajee and were clarifying their doubts on Kuladevata chanting.