Withdraw the huge discount given in the airfare for Haj pilgrimage ! – Mrs. Namrata Shastri, Sanatan Sanstha

Nagpur – Portraying that it has withdrawn the grant which was in force for Haj pilgrimage, the Central government has now given discount in the airfare for the same amount. This is akin to cheating of Hindus. On one hand the government is restricting the number of Hindus traveling for Amarnath Yatra and at the other hand it has taken the limit of Haj pilgrimages to its peak of 175005, highest in past 70 years. Central government should immediately withdraw the huge discounts given in the airfare to the Haj pilgrimages, was the demand made by Sanatan’s seeker Mrs. Namrata Shastri. She was speaking in the national Hindu agitation organized on 17th March. Shri. Ramesh Agrawal of Dharmajagran, activists from Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha, and other devout Hindus were present at the occasion.

Various demands made during the occasion

1. Grant given to the community of Rohingya Muslims in Bhagyanagar should be cancelled immediately.

2. The trustees of Siddhivinayak temple, who have charges of corruption against them for laundering the donation money, should be punished for betrayal and money laundering.

The memorandum of above mentioned demands were handed over to the District Collector. He assured the devout Hindus that appropriate action will be taken on their demands.


1. During the agitation, the devout Hindus gave slogans spontaneously.

2. Many devout Hindus and citizens signed the memorandum to be handed over to the government.

Special aspect

On the day before the agitation was planned, the police had denied permission for the agitation, however in the night they gave permission for holding the agitation at the planned venue.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat