Perform spiritual practice for the establishment of Hindu nation : Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye

Workshop at Nipani attended by 65 devout hindus

Devout Hindus offering prayers with spiritual emotion

Nipani – Today corruption is rampant right from Delhi to our small towns. All items including milk, petrol etc. are adulterated. Entire nation has been dragged into the menace of corruption. Hindu temples are endangered and the money accumulated through donations in these temples are being given away to people from other religions. Issues like religious conversions, Love Jihad, cow slaughter have become a threat to the nation. Today, both nation as well as Dharma is in danger. Establishing Hindu nation is the only cure to all these issues and to realize this, spiritual practice is utmost important. These were the words of advice given by Sadguru Miss. Swati Khadye.

She was speaking on the subject ‘Need for spiritual practice’ in the inaugural session of the workshop for developing workers organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for establishing Hindu nation. This workshop was held on 11th March in the auditorium of the Samadhi Math at Nipani.Dr. Mrs. Shilpa Kothavale of Sanatan Sanstha was also present on the dais. 65 devout Hindus from Nipani and the nearby area attended the workshop. At the beginning of the workshop, H.H. Pranling Swamiji of Virupaksha Linga Samadhi Math was felicitated by Shri. Nimgonda Patil of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. Post felicitation, Shri Kiran Duse, convener of Kolhapur District, explained the objectives of the workshop.

On the dais from left to right :Dr. Mrs. Shilpa Kothavale and Sadguru Miss. Swati Khadye giving guidance

Contribute towards the establishment of Hindu nation
by participating in its various activities! – Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye

During the workshop, Sadguru Miss. Swati Khadye invited the attendees to contribute towards the mission of establishing Hindu Nation by participating in various activities such as agitations, submission of appeals, writing messages on the notice boards, organizing exhibition of freedom fighters, good governance movement, imparting education on Dharma, enrolling subscribers for Sanatan Prabhat, social websites etc.

In the afternoon session, Advocate Mrs. Priti Patil and Shri. Babasaheb Bhopale,of Hindu VidhidnyaParishad, provided guidance on the topic ‘Details on Right to Information’. The session concluded with showcase of self-defence acts.

Group discussion

The workshop concluded with a group discussion in which many devout Hindus wholeheartedly committed to participation in activities such as workshops for imparting education on Dharma for both men and women, self-defence training, workshop for instigating prowess in young adults, workshop for Right to Information, writing messages on notice boards etc.

Gratitude was expressed towards the following

1. H.H. PranlingSwamiji of VirupakshaLinga Samadhi Math for providing the auditorium for the workshop and making other arrangements

2. Shri. Annaso Kore, KisanTasgave, PundalikDevdadkar, Raju Sutar and villagers of Yamgarni for food arrangements.

3. Shri. GovindaVaishnav for making drinking water arrangement.

4. Shri. Balu Yadav for providing chairs, table and few other articles.

Resolve made in the workshop organized for developing workers
at Kerli, to take direct action in each event occurring in relation to Hinduism

On 10th March, workshop for developing workers was organized in the auditorium of Shri Indira Vikas Society at Kerli. 50 devout Hindus from Kerli, Kerle and Vadgane villages attended the workshop. In the group discussion held during the workshop, the women from Kerli and Kerle villages spontaneously agreed to make arrangement for a vehicle to attend the National Hindu Agitation organized at Kolhapur. Devout Hindus from Vadagane and Kerle committed to taking efforts for increasing subscribers of Sanatan Prabhat. It was also decided to plan for visiting libraries for selling holy texts and writing messages on notice boards. Shri. Amol Kulkarni of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti explained the objectives of the workshop. Sadguru Miss. Swati Khadye provided guidance on spiritual practice as per path of Guru’s grace. Guidance on various topics was also organized during the workshop.

Overwhelming response to the demonstration of self-defence training

The demonstration of self-defence training during the workshop received overwhelming response. The young women attending the workshop spontaneously demanded for the training to be arranged for them.Post demonstration, Mrs. Kamal Pathare, a devout Hindu, narrated an incidence of harassment experienced by her granddaughter.


Shri Shahaji Patil for making available the auditorium.


1. While explaining the topic ‘Need for spiritual practice’, the devout Hindus spoke about their thoughts without any reservations.When Dr. Kothavale asked the attendees if they are willing to perform spiritual practice, everyone agreed to do it.

2. In the afternoon session, Shri. Kiran Duse and Sadguru Miss. Swati Khadye provided guidance on fundamental concepts of Hindu nation. This was followed by practical aspects of spiritual practice.

Remarks made by devout Hindus

1. Shri Sanjay Devne I had gone into a state of depression because of an event. However with the help of chanting, I could come out of depression. The workshops for imparting education on Dharma arranged by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti gave me the required direction to participate in the activities towards establishing a Hindu nation.

2. Mrs. Kamal Pathare–I used to follow some rituals prior to joining the workshops imparting education on Dharma, however was unknown to the science pertaining to the Hindu Dharma. I could understand the science after attending the workshops. I derived bliss after performing the acts as prescribed by the Dharma.

Special highlights

1.  Shri. Shahaji Patil, devout Hindu attending the workshop for imparting education on Dharma and director of Shri. Indira Vikas society, and Shri Bhimrao Patil of Shivsena attended the workshop. Shri. Shahaji Patil had initially planned to attend the workshop for 1 hour only, however after spending some time at the workshop he did not feel like leaving it and attended the entire workshop even though he had an important work elsewhere.

2.  Women attended the entire workshop even though they had some cleaning related activities to be done at home prior to starting on pilgrimage.

3. 9 women from Mane family from Kerle village prepared food for all the attendees. They mentioned that their chanting of God’s Name was occurring continuously while doing the seva of preparing the food.

Feedback given by few devout Hindus

Shri Uttam Kamte

Shri Uttam Kamte–Clashes within the family reduced drastically after chanting Family Deity’s Name. There was complete positive change in my personality after visiting Sanatan Sanstha’s Ashram in Ramnathi.

Shri Yuvraj Mane

Shri Yuvraj Mane – In the year 2002, I could draw a picture of H.H. Chile Maharaj without looking at anything. There was a radical change in me after that. I obtained spiritual experience after chanting the Name ‘Om Datta Chile’. Performing spiritual practice eased court related matters and other decision makings.

Shri. Raju Koparde

Shri. Raju Koparde – While performing activities related to Hinduism, I could find solution to get rid of many obstacles faced only with the help of spiritual practice. Only Hindu Janajagruti Samiti teaches us that chanting the God’s Name is the sole solution to alleviate extreme distress faced in this era of Kaliyug. I have been able to do chanting of God’s Name in correct manner for past 15 days since the regional Hindu conference was held at Kolhapur. After initiating chanting, I obtained spiritual experience of getting rid of obstacles faced in each activity.

Shri Basavraj Kalyani

Shri Basavraj Kalyani – Because of spiritual practice I was saved from atrocities inflicted by police in the face of riots, due to God’s grace.We faced many troubles at individual and collective level through various mediums. However we could sail through each of them with God’s grace.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat