Sanatan Sanstha participates in the Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Ramnath (Alibag)

Volunteers during the demonstration

Ramnath (Alibag), February 21, 2018 – On February 20, 2018 the Rashtriya Hindu Andolan staged a protest here. The demands made were to ban madarsas giving terrorist training and to mete out stringent punishment to anti-nationalists pelting stones at Bharatiya officers with the objective of lowering their morale. Sanatan Sanstha, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Brahman Seva Sangh, Shivasena and President of Adarsh Mitramandal were among the protesting participants.

Advocate Mr. Shriram Thosar, Regional Minister for Vishwa Hindu Parishad

It is now time to agitate to get justice. Like the Pandavs all Hindus should act unitedly.

Dedicated Hindu Mr. Girish Joshi

Had the right decision been taken in Kashmir then today it would not be in this state. Time has still not run out. If not struck at the right time then its future will be plunged in darkness.

Mr. Jambhale Guruji of Sanatan Sanstha

Only when all Hindus will unite for the sake of Dharma and sacrifice themselves will their life be more than accomplished.

The memorandum of patriots was handed over to the acting District Collector Mr. Bharat Shitole. Others present there were Mr. Shriram Thosar, Mr. Devdatta Joglekar, Mr. Aditya Datar of Brahman Seva Sangh, dedicated Hindus Mr. Pratik Patil and Shivasena regional Chief from Vave Mr. Sandip Padekar.


Mr. Devadatta Joglekar was expecting an architect at his office but he cancelled the meeting and remained present throughout the protest.

Some more highlights

1.Dedicated Hindu Mr. Atish Shinde inspired young men and women from college to attend the protest.

2. President of the Adarsh Mitra Mandal Mr. Ravi Ambekar attended the protest for a short while despite having engagements out of town.

3.Dedicated Hindus from Dharmashikshan classes itself had made arrangements for the protest.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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