Without giving due consideration to the multifaceted thoughts in Hindu Dharma, hypocrisy displayed by the forward-minded people in defending the critics of Hindu Dharma

Today, Hindu Dharma has become a subject of pseud-hatred for forward-minded people who consider themselves as most advanced. Pseud means targeting something in a hidden, disguised, behind-the-scene manner. They have their own convenient reasons for not expressing their hatred towards Hindu Dharma openly. Their so-called mask of forward-mindedness is one of the reasons. On one hand they talk about secularism and while on other hand they take privilege in caressing handful of Muslim leaders and portraying how backward and irrelevant for current times Hindu Dharma is by organizing discussion forums in the media. They at times even exhibit their secularism by showing closeness with the ones wearing Holy cross by their neck. In spite of being born in the Hindu society, they are unable to comprehend how Hindu Dharma has withstood multiple attacks firmly all these many years and why in spite of getting sovereign protection the external religions penetrated in this society but could not spread so widely. Instead of thinking through these aspects, their main business is to target the Hindu Dharma on the context of assumed wrong beliefs, customs and traditions.

1. Purposefully ignoring the shortcomings in
other sects by terming them as ‘internal matter’

The so-called forward minded people put focal stress on aspects in Hindu Dharma such as having faith in multiple Deities, supporting multiple paths of spiritual practice and lack of single opinion on various topics. One cannot match their skills in behaving like a learned one without doing deep study of the subject. When a few of them, having an evil background of telling lies, wear a humanitarian mask and curse others of being followers of Sage Manu, how will one have any sympathy for such people? Deliberation is an important aspect of Hindu philosophy. Even if people passionately take part in debates they don’t forget the underlying principle that ‘‘वादे वादे जायते तत्त्वबोध:।‘. Hindus never support fighting or suppressing others in debates. In contrast to this, when the so-called forward minded people criticize some of the negative traditions which is then opposed with appropriate proofs, they don’t counteract with equivalent testimonies. They rather resort to aggressiveness and suppression. In spite of other religions being based on monotheism, atheism, they do have self-defined sectism and casteism. Leave aside criticizing them, even setting up a discussion to throw some light on these things are avoided in the pretext that these are religious internal matters or individual beliefs etc. Their mind-set is to pamper the feelings of the minorities and safeguard them.

2. Those criticizing the idol worship in Hindu Dharma,
have their seat of faith in Holy Cross, Jesus and Mary’s emblems

Hindu Dharma respects faith in multiple Deities and therefore recognizes ‘पिण्डे पिण्डे मतिर्भिन्न:।‘. It also recognizes ‘‘सर्व देव नमस्कारा: केशवप्रति गच्छति।’and also respects monotheism. Hindu Dharma’s root philosophy has always been of monotheism and is still the same even today. However with the purpose becoming expansive and overarching, have Hindus ever forcefully tried to bring people belonging to other religions and sects into theirs? If they had done so, various sub-sects such as Shaiva, Vaishnav, Ganapatya and multiple paths of spiritual practice related to several forms of Deity Shiva, Deity Vishnu and Deity Ganesh wouldn’t have existed. Buddhism and Jainism related philosophies and paths also wouldn’t have existed. Those who oppose idol worship in Hindu Dharma, do they consider Holy Cross, idols of Jesus and Mary as mere symbols?

3. Science in Hindu Dharma

All stories in Hindu Dharma are considered mythical, whereas the story of Adam and Eve is looked upon as evolution of human race by you, the so-called forward minded people. Due to your pervert thinking, you equalize Shivalinga with union of male and female. How will you visualize image of the entire universe in it? It is in fact the figuration of today’s Helium gas. Would you show readiness to understand what does ‘Deity Vishnu lying on serpent Shesh in Kshirsagar (Ocean)’ symbolize? It is a miniature of the vast universe. Vishnu symbolizes growth, ‘Shesh’ means remaining matter and Kshirsagar means collection of galaxies. How come the intellectuals like you did not perceive this so far? The universe is expanding. (Worldly meaning of Vishnurup) When the universe got created, the entire matter was not utilized. What remained is called as ‘Shesh’. Do these educated forward minded people know this? How will they?

4. Anchor of the TV channel suppressing the voice without taking any
effort in understanding the scientific truths prevailing in Hindu Dharma

Initially a topic for discussion on TV channel is conveyed and later at the last moment a different topic is taken up and the media persons show as if they are trying to recollect. They try to portray as if they are arranging discussions on various topics, however these discussions turn out to have a sole principle of criticizing Hindu Dharma. If the TV anchors like Mr. Wagle really have scientific outlook then they should enable the discussions to happen. However these people really are not interested in having discussions. Their sole agenda is to show that they own the channel and they are the most prominent media persons. They give lot of time to the identified participant who keeps criticizing Hindu Dharma and allowing them extra time with a remark ‘let them speak’ and if a devout Hindu tries to interrupt or speak something, his voice is suppressed, in spite of being invited to the discussion. With this the TV anchor pats his own back of being able to shut the mouth of the devout Hindu. It is not just Mr. Wagle, even other TV channels too more or less follow the same agenda. They should remember that the Hindutva is not going to finish by beating and criticizing it.

5. Uniqueness of Hindu Dharma is in the fact that it does not
have any ritual to convert someone to become Hindu, as in other sects

Hindutva is not like a dress or uniform which is worn on the body. Hindu Dharma includes people who are theists and atheists as well. It also has people worshiping single Deity as well as multiple Deities. There are ones who are idol worshippers as well as those worshipping nature instead of idols. Those worshipping a form also worship ॐ! Those having faith in Vedas as well as those not having faith in Vedas both are Hindus. In fact river of Hindutva flows between two banks, one bank is of those having faith in Vedic tradition and considering Vedas as root and most elegant literature and the other bank of people considering Vedas as just black letters written on white paper. Charvak who did not believe in existence of soul and gave importance only to happiness and sufferings of the human body, definitely faced resistance, however he was never forced to consume poison similar to Socrates. Charvak’s opinions are given importance even today. This is how characteristics of forward-minded TV channels and those of Hindus are prominently different. ‘Sunta’ in Islam and ‘Baptism’ in Christianity are just rituals to take someone into the religion. There is no such specific ritual for taking someone in Hindu Dharma. These rituals have been purposefully incorporated in Islam and Christianity. Specific name and place is given to individuals to remove impression of Hindu Dharma. The forward-minded people deploy their anti-Hindu agenda of criticizing Hindu Dharma at global level in order to divide the people. They invest huge amount of money in TV channels. Instead of winning over the opposition through medium of thoughts and discussions, they forcefully don’t allow the opposition to speak and demand that ‘You cannot bring this point in the discussion, you cannot ask such question to me (because I am the anchor-editor of the TV channel and you should follow my orders).’ Their attitude is of killing the thoughts of their opposition. These modern knowledgeable people don’t agree with the true meanings of Sanatan, science, caste and unrighteousness.

6. Because forward minded people do not
understand  Hindu Dharma and they don’t make any attempt to
understand, hence Hindu Dharma and its customs are impassable

Core meaning of the word ‘Dharma’ is ‘Natural’ or ‘Original way of functioning’. Modesty is the Dharma of women i.e. their inherent characteristic. Honouring the guests is the Dharma of householder and parental love is the Dharma of mothers and fathers. You call yourself as nidharmi (Secular) means what exactly? Don’t you have affection towards your parents, brothers and sisters, spouse, children etc.? You wouldn’t believe in Dharma towards neighbours because it contains the word ‘Dharma’ in it. Wouldn’t you follow Pitrudharma, Matrudharma, Putradharma, Patidharma, Patnidharma, Bhaginidharma and even Kanyadharma? You associate Dharma with tuft of hair, forcefully (!) performed ritualistic worships, mantras in incomprehensible (?) language, complex tantras etc. Why term them incomprehensible, because you don’t understand them and why term them complex because you don’t want to attempt to understand meaning behind them. There is nothing incomprehensible in this world for someone who has desire to learn something new every time. Please stop this nonsense of considering everything which is incomprehensible for you as unacceptable for everyone. Accepting the existence of those views which are unacceptable to oneself itself is Hindutva.

7. Those who have faith in God’s creation are Hindus,
whereas those who rely on their own narrow intellect are forward-minded !

If you have full faith on the God, His creativity and doeship, then it is not difficult to understand Hindutva, however if you doubt existence of God itself then it is difficult for you. Messengers don’t accept this way of thinking. Incarnations take place due to God’s wish to put the disturbed world’s affairs in right order. Hindu way of thinking believes in the existence of God’s power. That is why in ancient times, Sages used to attribute their vast creativity and knowledge to God’s power and consider it as God’s gift and used to therefore for say ‘इदं न मम ।‘. On the contrary, the thinkers of the modern times publish just few pages of their own sub-standard views and want to publicise their name with it, printed in bold letters. This is the difference in the mind-set. These people propagate their name as thinkers constantly through the means of their friends and followers, in the society. There is one more aspect which the Hindu thinkers have given a thought to, which is mortality of human beings. Humans die and their names are forgotten as the time goes ahead. However the thoughts are immortal. Instead of binding the thoughts to a person’s name, they are considered as Apourusheya. This is the teaching of Hindu philosophy. Apourusheya means one that has originated from Supreme God. This entire universe has been created by someone. It is being controlled and driven by someone and it governed with certain laws and regulations. The creator is governing it based on a principle. There is a perfect planning and direction behind it.
Tolerance signifies giving respect to thoughts of others and allowing them to follow their different way of conduct without posing any obstacles. Wrong beliefs, incorrect customs evolve from the shortcomings of human beings and they are followed for a short period. Those thoughts and beliefs which cannot be destroyed over passage of time, those are the ones that really become immortal as Indian philosophy

-Dr. Vijay Jangam (Swami), Executive President, Spokesperson, Akil Bharatiya Veershaiva Lingayat Mahasangh

Government should use its rational thinking
and intellect to decide upon the demand, made by
forward-minded people, of putting a ban on Sanatan Sanstha

‘I would like to talk in brief regarding the leader of the forward-minded people, Dr. Dabholkar. The way his success is discussed upon, will you mind having honest discussions on his failures? In how many instances did he leave his stand of fighting and fled? And withdrew his argument? If you bring these facts to light in front of the world, your honesty will really shine. Your discussions have no meaning as they are just showbiz of impartiality. In earlier times, Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh or Hindu Mahasabha would be the soft targets of these people in case of any happenings. In current times, along with Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Sanatan Sanstha has become the main target. Sanatan Sanstha is striving towards its mission of imparting education on Dharma, as mentioned in various articles. We believe that government is capable of understanding the difference between propagation of Dharma and imparting education on Dharma. Undertaking activities related to Dharma, which are logical, reasonable and acceptable to ones intellect, should not be a crime that would qualify for inviting anger of the government. Therefore in spite of multiple demands made by forward-minded people to put a ban on Sanatan Sanstha, we pray to the God (because we believe in Him) that the knowledgeable government will use its rationale in making the right decisions.’

– Dr. Vijay Jangam (Swami), Executive President, Spokesperson, Akil Bharatiya Veershaiva Lingayat Mahasangh

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat