Maharashtra : Dignitaries visit Sanatan’s holy text exhibitions organized on the occasion of Mahashivratri , shower praises !

Jaisingpur (Kolhapur district)

The trustees of Shri Siddheshwar Mandal and its office bearers extended their wholehearted support in setting up the exhibition in the premises of Shri. Siddheshwar temple (Village Deity of Jaisingpur). Editor of “Yuvakancha Nava Maharashtra”, Shri Ashok Kolekar and the reporters of Jaisingpur did video recording of the exhibition and also took a 2 minute interview of Sanatan’s seeker, Shri Annasaheb Varekar.


MLC Mohanrao Kadam and Collector Kalam Patil’s visit to the exhibition Shri. Mohanrao Kadam, Congress MLC from Sangli-Satara constituency, paid a casual visit to the exhibition of holy texts setup at Sagareshwar. Also the exhibition held in the premises of Dandoba temple located at Dandoba Mountain (Miraj) was graced by Collector of Sangli district, Shri. Vijaykumar Kalam Patil. A copy of weekly Sanatan Prabhat was gifted to him at the occasion.

Shri. Girish Pujari from Hindu Janajagruti Samiti handed over a pamphlet, explaining Samiti’s movement of awakening people against Valentine’s Day to the Collector. The Collector commended the Samiti for various activities carried out by it and also remarked about the importance of such activities in current times.


Shri. Narendra Pawar, BJP’s MLA, got acquainted with the holy texts published by Sanatan Sanstha BJP’s MLA, Shri Narendra Pawar, visited the exhibition of holy texts setup in the premises of Deity Shiva’s temple at Kalyan. At the occasion, he gathered information regarding the various holy texts published by Sanatan Sanstha and also purchased them.

One of the devout Hindus bought a holy text titled “Love Jihad” and remarked that every Hindu woman should read it. He also praised the activities carried out by Sanatan Sanstha.


Shri. Sudhir Powar, Division head and Shri. Ravindra Chavan, State Minister and MLA visited the exhibition held in Dombivili.


Overwhelming response to the exhibition held at 76 venues
Khopoli :

Mayor Mrs. Suman Aurasmal and Corporator Nitin More visited the exhibition organized in Khopoli.

New Panvel :

The exhibition was visited by MLA Shri. Vivek Patil, ex-Corporator Mrs. Charusheela Gharat and J.M. Mhatre, Shri. Balaram Patil and Shri. Bharat Patil, temple trustee. Shri. Kandpile, trustee of temple, gave permission to explain the topic in Shri Gadheshwar temple.

Pen :

Mayor Mrs. Preetam Patil visited the exhibition that was organized in Pataneshwar village.


Vitthal Ugale, ex-Mayor of Sinnar Municipal Corporation, ex-MLA Manikrao Kokate and his daughter Seema Kokate’s visit to the exhibition

Exhibition was organized in Shri. Gondeshwar temple, Sinnar, and was visited by Vitthal Ugale, ex-Mayor of Sinnar Municipal Corporation, ex-MLA Manikrao Kokate and his daughter Seema Kokate. Weekly Sanatan Prabhat newspaper was gifted to them at the occasion.

Shri. Ugale expressed his desire to view all sattvik products and holy texts. He remarked that he liked the holy text on Love Jihad and would be distributing it to others as well. He suggested that the videos can be broadcasted over local cable television channels in Sinnar.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat