Youth get inspired to prevent the dishonour of the national flag upon listening to Sanatan’s lady seeker guidance

Youth promise to attend the Hindu
Dharmajagruti Sabha on February 7, 2018 at Solapur

Mrs. Sudha Ghatge putting forth the topic of a Dharmasabha at the Shri Siddhaganesh Hanuman temple

Solapur, January 28, 2018 (news) – At the square in Indiranagar here on January 26, 2018 a flag was hoisted and a rangoli of the national tricolour was drawn on the 70 feet road. Firecrackers with a picture of the national flag on it were burst. Seeing this Mrs. Sudha Ghatge of Sanatan Sanstha convinced 8-10 youth there about how drawing a rangoli of the national flag and bursting firecrackers with a picture of the national flag amounted to its dishonour and explained what should be the appropriate actions. Influenced by this guidance a group of 35 youth got together at the Shree Siddhaganesh Hanuman temple in Indiranagar where Mrs. Ghatge explained about pride for the nation and Dharma, to them, to which there was spontaneous applause from the audience. Then Mrs. Ghatge appealed to them to attend the Dharmajagruti Sabha at Solapur on Febraury 7, 2018. Mr. Sanjay Chilangude, Mr. Vikram More, Mr. Ajay Shegan felicitated Mrs. Ghatge with a bouquet of flowers.


1.Dedicated Hindus here have requested for a self-defence training class and held a meeting to convey the topic of awakening of Dharma to young women.

2. Youth present reiterated that they would definitely attend the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha and also asked for a regular Dharmashikshan class.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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