Discourses arranged by Sanatan Sanstha at various venues in Vadnerbhairav (Nashik) on account of Makarsankranti

Ladies present at the Vadalibhoi function

Nashik, 26th January (News) – Ekta group had organized a Haldi-kumkum function at Vadnerbhairav on account of Makarsankrant. At the occasion, Mrs. Vasudha Chaudhari of Sanatan Sanstha gave a discourse on the topics ‘Importance and benefits of Makarsankranti and importance of education on Dharma’. 150 women attended the discourse. An exhibition of Sanatan’s holy texts was also arranged at the venue.

Views expressed by the curious women attending the session were – We obtained scientific information on the festival of Makarsankranti. Till now we used to celebrate this festival only on the basis of information heard from various sources.

Discourse arranged at Vadalibhoi Village Panchayat (Nashik)

500 women benefited from the discourse given by Mrs. Jyoti Pandit. Highlights are as follows

1. The subject was liked a lot by Sarpanch Mrs. Anita Jadhav and women attendees. Even after the discourse was over, they requested to provide additional information for another 30 minutes. Post discourse, many women stayed back to clarify their doubts.

2. Sarpanch of Vadalibhoi, Mrs. Anita Jadhav, had attended a similar discourse organized by Sanatan Sanstha four days before. At that time she learnt about the reason why items made from plastic should be avoided while giving gifts. Accordingly she had altered the gift items to be given away during Haldi-kumkum ceremony.

At the Haldi-kumkum ceremony arranged in the Vadalibhoi police station for all the women belonging to the police department, Mrs. Jyoti Pandit explained the importance of Makarsankranti festival. 40 women attended the session.  Sarpanch of Vadalibhoi, Mrs. Anita Jadhav also attended the function. She spontaneously demanded arranging a discourse during the Haldi-kumkum ceremony to be held in her village.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat