Despite the tremendous opposition, Sanatan Sanstha active in its mission of forming a Hindu nation – Miss Sangita Naik, Sanatan Sanstha

Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held at Neura (Goa)

Series of public meetings conducted by Hindu
Janajagruti Samiti to awaken Dharma commence in Goa as well

Neura (Goa) – Mr. Govind Chodankar of Hindu Janajagruti Smaiti appealed to the public to gear up and commit to eradicate the corrupt and useless secular democratic system which is meant to appease minorities and impart injustice to the Hindus, and reinstate a Hindu nation which is a means of achieving everyone’s development. The new series of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas in Goa commenced on the evening of November 26, 2017 at the Shri Mahalakshmi temple. The main speaker on the occasion was Mr. Chodankar. Miss Sangita Naik of Sanatan Sanstha accompanied him on the dais.

Mr. Chodankar further said that today we recollect the memory of the black day of 26/11 when terrorists from Pakistan had infiltrated and attacked Bharat. Chatrapati Shivaray has already taught us how to wipe out such terrorism 400 years ago by defusing a terror attack at the foothold of Pratapgad fort. We are His descendants. Hence there is no need to be afraid of the terror attacks. All we need it to awaken Dharmatej (Radiance of Dharma) akin to that in Chatrapati Shivaray, in ourselves. He added that by kindling this flame of Dharma within ourselves we have to continously strive to form a ‘Hindu nation’.

Miss Sangita Naik gave information on Sanatan Sanstha’s determination in forming a Hindu nation and the harassment meted out to the Sanstha by politicians, investigating agencies, secularists and rationalists. She stated that despite this tremendous opposition, ‘Sanatan Sanstha’ is active in its mission of forming a Hindu nation and that with Divine blessings and sankalp (Resolve) of Saints a ‘Hindu nation’ will definitely be formed. She stated further that we all need to follow Dharma and contribute towards the mission of formation of a Hindu Nation.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat