Umadi(Sangli district) : Sanatan Sanstha conducts guidance session on ‘Personality Defect Removal and Enhancement of Virtues’ !

After having looked at Sanatan’s Holy texts two months ago, Mr. Basargao, Vice-Principal of the school, expressed his wish that a guidance, with an objective of inculcating good sanskars in the children and creating a younger generation bearing moral values for a good society, should be provided to students of his school. When we met the Principal of the school, Mr. Hortikar, he also stressed upon imparting guidance to the students. Both the Principal and Vice-Principal had respect for Sanatan Sanstha and we realised that it was due to the Divine consciousness of the Holy texts and the grace of the Guru. – Mr. Appasaheb Sangolkar, Pandharpur

Mr. Appasaheb Sangolkar guiding students

Umadi (Sangli District), November 27, 2017 (news) – On November 25, 2017 Sanatan’s seeker Mr. Appasaheb Sangolkar, while addressing students of the V.M. High School and Junior College said that if the process of personality defects and ego removal is implemented for personality development, inculcating good values and to lead an ideal life, then it also helps in removing bad traits and enhancing virtues in the self. If the method of autosuggestions is adopted for personality defect removal as per need then a drastic change in life occurs. Personality defects in an individual is the main cause for the stress in its life. Therefore in order to lead a happy life one should overcome personality defects and enhance virtues. Principal Hortikar, In-charge Kharoshi and Vice-Principal Basargaon were present at the occasion on the dais. 1451 students from grades VIII to XII benefitted from this guidance. The function was compered by Mr. Ghanashyam Chougule.



1. While speaking to the Vice-Principal Mr. Basargaon, he said that the parents, teachers and students liked the discourse and requested that the workshop be scheduled every fortnight for their benefit.

2. Post guidance, few teachers spontaneously got their doubts clarified although they had to remain standing for 45 minutes.

3. Teachers placed an order to buy few Holy texts published by Sanatan.

4. After the guidance letters of appreciation were given.

5. Some students from the school were felicitated at the hands of Mr. Appa Sangolkar.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat