Hindus receive true education on righteousness only at the Dharmashikshan classes conducted by Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti – Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye

Guidance to the individuals
interested in attending Dharmashikshan class

Dedicated Hindus attending the programme

Tasgaon (Sangli District), November 18, 2107 – When speaking  at a programme organised for Dharmabhimani Hindus, Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye mentioned that denigration of Deities by Hindus themselves, celebration of a birthday by blowing candles, leading life as if having converted to different religion etc., by Hindus is occurring solely due to lack of education on righteousness and that this education is being imparted only by Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. She began her speech by offering gratitude to the Holy feet of Shrikrushna for giving us a human birth and then spoke on how swift spiritual progress can be achieved by performing eightfold spiritual practice as per Gurukrupayoga (Path of The Guru’s Grace) with the aim of attaining Moksha (Final Liberation). The audience got their doubts on their spiritual practice clarified and made a resolve to undertake rigorous efforts for performing spiritual practice. Those who had visited the Ramnathi Ashram gave a feedback that they had experienced immense Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) in the ashram and did not feel like leaving it.


Thoughts expressed by Dharmabhimani Hindus

1. On visiting the Ramnathi Ashram felt ‘Sanatan family is my only family and it is so vast’. – Mr. Rajendra Mali

2. For a change to occur in the self you must visit the Ramnathi Ashram at least once, it is like a heaven. – Mr. Arun Yadav

3. I have been suffering from pain in the abdomen and back since the age of 10. I tried several medical treatment but all in were in vain. However after commencing chanting, post attending the Dharmashikshan class, the distress reduced tremendously. Thereafter I happened to visit the Ramnathi Ashram where I could meet Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale. My suffering reduced by 70% after paying Him obeisance. – Mr. Bhimrao Mane  (Mr. Bhimrao Mane meticulously chants for two hours daily, one hour in the morning and one hour at night from 10 to 11 p.m. Since he lost his adult son he has to shoulder family responsibilities. Even at the age of 65 he works under the guidance of a mason, bearing severe physical stress. When expressing his thoughts he said that his family is happy only because of performing spiritual practice and chanting as taught at the Dharmashikshan class and getting the vision of Paratpar Guru (Dr). Athavale. When uttering these words, spiritual emotion got invoked in him.)



1. Assuming responsibilities spontaneously, Dharmabhimani Hindus made preparations for the program.

2. Owner of Kailash Conference Mr. Sudam Pawar gave the hall free of cost and remarked that there must have been some Divine plan behind you coming here for conducting the program.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat