No one can destroy Sanatan Sanstha ! – Shri Shri Shri Muktanand Swamiji, Shrikshetra Karinje, Shri Shaktipeeth, Mudbidre, Karnataka

Sarvajanik Janasanvad Sabha (A public meeting) organised at Mangaluru (Karnataka)

Shri Shri Shri Muktanand Swamiji

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – At the public meeting held at Shrikshetra Karinje at Mudbidre, Shri Shri Shri Muktanand Swamiji from Shri Shaktipeeth proclaimed that Sanatan Sanstha is performing the mission of educating the society on Dharma (Righteousness) under the able guidance of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Jayant Athavale because of which the mission of protecting Dharma and spread of Spirituality is being carried out uninterruptedly. Whenever a person associated with leftist movement is murdered, a conspiracy is planned to accuse Sanatan Sanstha for the crime. Despite all this no one would be able to destroy Sanatan Sanstha as it is backed by the grace and blessings of Shrikrushna.

In the recent murder of the journalist Gauri Lankesh, Hindu activist organisations are being made scapegoats. Hence a public meeting was organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti at Mangaluru in the Shrinivas Kalyanmandap hall to expose the underlying conspiracy, in front of the society. The speakers at this meeting were Mr. Chakravarty Sulibele, convenor of Karnataka state Yuva Brigade, a pro-Hindu advocate from Beltangdi – Subramaniam Agart and co-ordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for Karnataka state Mr. Guruprasad Gowda.


Making baseless allegations against Sanatan Sanstha is
inacceptable! – Advocate Subramaniam Argat, Hindu activist advocate

Making false allegations and continuously accusing Sanatan Sanstha for murders of leftists without any proof is unacceptable. Everyone should arise and question the government about this so that in future no one will dare to make such false allegations against Sanatan Sanstha or any other pro-Hindu organisations.

Investigation of the murder of the leftist Gauri Lankesh is going astray – Mr. Guruprasad Gowda, Co-ordinator Karnataka State , HJS
Despite lack of evidence against Hindu activists with respect to the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, the left-winged organisations are accusing Hindu activist organisations for the murder. Their intention thus is to divert the course of investigation and purposefully disgrace the pro-Hindu organisations.

Mrs. Lakshmi Pai of the Sanatan Sanstha gave information on the false allegations made against Sanatan Sanstha


1. Four police officers from the investigating team were present at the venue. They audio recorded the meeting on their mobile phones.

2. Dharmabhimani Hindus listened to the entire programme with rapt attention.

3. Approximately 25 Dharmabhimani Hindus attended the meeting organised after the programme.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat