Stop denigration of Deities and Patriots through firecrackers!

Memorandum served on the Administration by Hindu
Janajagruti Samiti in Vidharba, Marathwada and Western Maharashtra


Upper Police Superintendent Mr. Amarsingh Jadhav receiving a memorandum from Hindu Activists


A memorandum was recently served on the Police department and District Collector by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti demanding that denigration of Deities and patriots through their pictures on firecrackers be stopped and action to be taken on sellers of Chinese firecrackers which are harmful to health. Taking cognisance of this memorandum the Honourable District Collector Mr. Rajesh Deshmukh promptly gave orders for further action in these matters and promised that ‘he would help as much as he could’. When handing over the memorandum those present were Mr. Yogin Tiwari of the Bajrang Dal, Mr. Ramesh Raut of Patanjali Yogapith, Mr. Shrivas of the Bharatiya Janata Party and volunteers of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti – Mr. Mangesh Khandel, Sanjay Sippy etc. At Darwha when a memorandum was presented to the station officer Mr. Anilsingh Gautam and at the Tehsildar office, Mr. Ravi Vagre and Mr. Mukesh Akhare of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti were present.



Upper District Collector Mr. Sanjay Daine is served a memorandum by Hindu activists

On October 11, 2017, a similar campaign was carried out in Wardha. A memorandum was served on the Upper District Collector Mr. Sanjay Daine demanding a ban on Chinese firecrackers by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha in which twenty Hindu activists participated.



District Collector Dr. Kalshetti assures
stringent action against sellers of firecrackers

Dr. M. Kalshetti has assured to the delegation of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti visiting him that action would be taken against those stocking and selling Chinese firecrackers, as possession of foreign explosives is a criminal offense. A memorandum in this context was presented to him and also to the District Police Superintendent Sanjay Patil. Volunteers of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti who were part of the delegation were Dr. Narendra Patil, Prof. Dr. Satish Bagul, Mrs. Bharti Pandit, Ms. Bhavana Kadam, Mrs. Sonar, Mr. Jeetu Marathe, Mr. Jitendra Rajput etc.


Pen (Raigad District)

Tehsildar Mr. Dhanaji Kshirsagar accepting the memorandum

During the Diwali festivities firecrackers bearing pictures of Deities and patriots are lighted. In order to curb this denigration as well as putting a ban of illegal selling of Chinese firecrackers and taking action against sellers of such firecrackers, Deputy Tehsildar Mr. Ajay Patne and the Inspector from the Pen Police station Mr. Dhanaji Kshirsagar were served a memorandum on behalf of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti by Mr. Jagannath Jamble. Mr. Dildas Mhatre of Sanatan Sanstha was also present on the occasion.



Hindu activists serving a memorandum on the Deputy Tehsildar at Karad

A memorandum was served on the Deputy Tehsildar Mr. B.B. Chougule, Karad City Police Inspector Mr. Pramod Jadhav and Karad Village Police Inspector Mr. Ashok Kshirsagar by Mr. Sagar Amle, Mr. Vijay Chavan and Mr. Ramesh Jagadale of the Shri Shivapratishthan Hindusthan and volunteers of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.


Faltan (Satara District)

Here a memorandum addressed to the Tehsildar was handed over to the Deputy Tehsildar Mr. Nadakumar Bhoite and also to the Police Inspector Mr. Prakash Dhas. Mrs. Sudha Ghatge, Mrs. Doifode, Mr. Ashish Kapse, Mr. Suhas Kashid and Mr. Sandeep Kashid were present on the occasion.



A memorandum was served on October 7, 2017 to the Police Sub-Inspector Mr. Sunil Gaikwad and the Deputy Tehsildar Mr. Sanjay Pandharpatte with the following demands : To deny refuge to the Rohingya Muslims in India in the interest of national security, to take immediate action against the corrupt officials involved in construction of the Sinhagad fort, to take action against Prof. K.S. Bhagwan who denigrates Hindu Deities and Holy texts and to stop denigration of Hindu Deities and patriots occurring through the medium of firecrackers.

A memorandum was served on a shopkeeper Mr. Santosh Kadam to stop selling firecrackers bearing pictures of Deities and patriots on them and also to stop the sale of Chinese firecrackers.



We shall write to the Municipal Commissioner and the association
sellers of firecrackers – Police Deputy Commissioner Namdev Chavan

The resident Deputy District Collector Ajit Relekar and Police Deputy Commissioner Namdev Chavan gave an assurance to send a notice to the Municipal Commissioner and Association of sellers of firecrackers for putting a ban on the sale of firecrackers bearing pictures of Deities and patriots on them, upon presenting a memorandum, to stop sale of firecrackers bearing pictures of Deities and Chinese firecrackers, by volunteers of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.


Barshi (Solapur District)

Accepting the memorandum served on him by volunteers of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on this topic, the Deputy Tehsildar Mr. Murlidhar Bhoye gave an assurance to ‘forward it to the Police Department and the Administration’.



I shall discuss with Mr. Ramdas Kadam for a complete ban on firecrackers !
– Mr. Ravi Waghmare, Executive Superintendent of Kurduwadi Nagar Parishad

Here a memorandum was served on the Executive Superintendent of the Nagar Parishad Mr. Ravi Waghmare, the Deputy Tehsildar T. D. Musale and the Police Inspector Mr. Ishwar Omase. Mr. Nagnath Thote, Mr. Shankar Jadhav, Mr. Rahu Dhoka, Mr. Audumbar Kolhe, Mr. Soham Shah, Mr. Swapnil Bagal, Mrs. Mahananda Thite and others of the Jeevan Raksha Samiti were present.


Special response !

1. Mr. Ravi Waghmare, Executive Superintendent of the Kurduwadi Nagar Parishad – The mission of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is extremely good. I have participated in its activities in the past. I shall discuss the matter with Mr. Ramdas Kadam with a view of implementing a total ban on firecrackers.

2. Mr. Ishwar Omase – I shall create social awareness for ban of firecrackers. We can also send messages through WhatsApp to educate people within a short time.

3. Mr. Rahul Dhoka, Founder of the Jeevan Raksha Samiti – I have been trying to bring a ban on firecrackers since 2001. I am willing to extend whatever help the Samiti requires. I am also distributing handouts to educate people on firecrackers.


Few salient points from this memorandum are given further

1. When firecrackers bearing pictures of Deities or patriots on them are lighted, these pictures get tattered and scatter everywhere – on the road where they are trampled upon and run over by vehicles, in the garbage or gutters thus resulting in severe denigration of Deities and dishonour of patriots and in turn hurting the religious sentiments of millions of Hindus. Dishonour of patriots results in deterioration of the nation’s image.

2. Since hurting of religious sentiments is a criminal offense, production and sale of such firecrackers should be completely banned. With these demands, for past 15 years, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has been putting up campaigns in a lawful manner and requesting the Police Administration to undertake precautions and actions in these regards.

3. As a consequence of this public awareness campaign the Ministry of Industries Commission has sent a letter on 30th January 2008 to Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai and Assistant Manager (Central Mark Division) to take necessary action. Also a letter in this regard has been forwarded by the Office of the Dy. Director of Industries Commission to manufacturers and people connected with that industry. In spite of this it has been observed that some manufacturers and sellers are continuing their activities.

4. Chinese firecrackers are also being widely sold in Bharat. They have a high content of poisonous chemicals like Potassium Chloride and Potassium Perchloride which are banned in Bharat. Although they are cheap, these firecrackers are highly pollutant. As per the Explosive Act of 2008 stocking and sale of foreign explosive ingredients is a crime punishable by the law.

5. Despite this being so, Chinese firecrackers are being imported in Bharat and sold, time and again. At present China is trying to infiltrate Bharat at the borders and is indulging in several other anti-Bharat activities in a number of spheres.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat