Shiroli (Dist. Kolhapur) : Kunkumarchan and discourses held by Sanatan Sanstha on the auspicious occasion of Navaratri

An appeal to commence Dharmashikshan (religious education) classes

Women performing the ritual of kunkumarchan for the Devi in the temple of Shri Mahakali at Shiroli


Shiroli : On the occasion of Navaratri the Chatrapati Shivajinagar Mahila Mandal, Navajawan Mitra Mandal and Shri Mahakali temple held programmes of kunkumarchan and discourses. All these programmes received an overwhelming response from women and youth interested in Spirituality. In the Shiroli village panchayat only kunkumarchan was held. Information was given to the audience on how to perform kunkumarchan, how to offer oti (coconut, rice grains, flowers and a blouse piece/sari) to the Devi, how to chant the Name of Shri Durgadevi, and how to chant the Name of the Kuladevata (family Deity) and that of Shri  Gurudev Datta with reasons, necessity for Dharmashikshan classes and what is taught in them.

In the Navaratri season women belonging to the Chatrapati Shivajinagar Mahila Mandal perform group chanting of ‘Deity Durga’ for an hour every day

A Pro-Hindu Mrs. Nanda Jadhav of the Chatrapati Shivajinagar Mahila Mandal commenced Dharmashikshan classes at Shiroli. On September 22. 2017 she organised a discourse. Impressed with the informatuion on ‘Ghatasthapana and the group celebration of Navaratri’ given in the Dharmashikshan class the women from the mandal (club) requested for a discourse to be delivered on the same topic. The women from this mandal performed group chanting of ‘Shri Durgadevi’ for one hour every day.

Dr. Mansingh Shinde, an allophatic physician and a Sanatan seeker and a lady seeker Mrs. Sadhana Godse delivered the discourse. The function was compered by Mr. Rohit Khavre. Dr. Yogesh Khavre of Shiroli graced the occasion with his presence. The President of this mandal Mrs.Shobha Sankpal expressed gratitude by offering the speakers a coconut and as a good will gesture a monetary donation towards activities of the Sanstha. 65 women attended the discourse.

President of the Navajawan Mitra Mandal assures full support to the mission of spread of Dharma

Member of the Shiroli village panchayat Mrs. Rupali Khavre had organised a discourse for the Navajawan Mitra Mandal. The programme was compered by Miss Rajlakshmi Kadam. Members of the panchayat viz, Mr. Suresh Yadav and Chairman of the Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana Mr. Mahesh Chavan were among those present on the occasion. Information on ‘Ghatasthapana and the Navaratri festival’ was delivered by the allopathic physician Dr. Mansingh Shinde and Mrs. Sadhana Godse to an audience of 50-60 people interested in Spirituality. Thereafter all got their doubts clarified and also requested for Dharmashikshan classes to be started there. Young girls also asked for ‘some other programme to be started for them’.

Noteworthy incidents

President of the Navajawan Mitra Mandal Mr. Ranjit Kadam said, “I will print pamphlets of Shri Durgadevi worth 1000 rupees and distribute them to all. This material is extremely good. I will assist you in all possible ways to reach out to the public.”

Programme of kunkumarchan at the Shri Mahakali temple

On September 28, 2017 69 women performed the ritual of kunkumarchan at the Shri Mahakali temple. Thereafter all of them performed chanting of ‘Shri Durga Devi’ with spiritual emotion. Mrs. Sadhana Godse gave information on ‘Ghatasthapana and the Navaratri festival’ after which the women requested that a Dharmashikshan class be started there. The ritual of kunkumarchan was organised by Mrs. Juhi Salunke of the Mahakali temple.

Noteworthy incidents

Someone from the public recited the thousand Names of the Devi after which chanting of Shri Durgadevi was performed. Women from then public gave the feedback that ‘the chanting was beautiful’. A lady interested in Spirituality, Mrs. Mina Alvi offered kunku (vermilion) to a picture of the Devi. An image of Shri Mahkali Devi emerged at the spot where kunku was offered and it appeared as if the Devi carrying weapons was standing in front of them. In other words she got a subtle vision of the Devi.

Programme of kunkumarchan at the Shiroli village panchayat

35 to 40 women participated in the ritual of kunkumarchan organised at the Shiroli village panchayat.

A discourse and kunkumarchan on the occasion of Navaratri at Kagal (Kolhapur District)

Kagal : On the occasion of Navaratri at the Kalmammawadi residential complex, on behalf of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Mr. Aditya Shastri provided guidance on ‘The Importance of Navaratri’ to the audience. The women present then performed kunkumarchan. In all 70 people including Mr. Atul Joshi from BJP, Councillor of Kagal City Mr. Anand Pasare, Director of the Sadashivrao Mandalik Sugar Factory Mr. Igal Prabhavalkar, and 35 women attended the programme. Mr. Pramod Arekar played a major role in the success of this event.

Feedback : After the programme several people interested in Spirituality conveyed that they liked the programme and appealed that similar events be held off and on.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat