Pune : Sanatan Sanstha’s huge exhibition held at Chatushrungi temple during Navratri

Pune, September 22 – As per every year, a huge exhibition of Holy texts and sattvik products is held by Sanatan Sanstha in the premises of Chatushrungi devi temple. This exhibition will remain open to devotees from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. till 29 September 2017. The organisers have appealed to devotees to take maximum benefit of this opportunity.

This exhibition has Holy texts on Dharma, Spirituality, Achardharma (Religious code of conduct), Balsanskar (value education for children) etc. Products such as incense sticks, camphor, fragrance , ubtan (fragrant herbal powder applied to the body before bath), japmala (rosary) etc. useful in puja (ritualistic worship) and articles of daily use are also available at the exhibition. Flexboards explaining Dharmik information, like how to offer oti (offering of a coconut, rice grains, flowers and a piece of cloth) to the Goddess, how to celebrate Dussehra, how to perform Kumkumarchan (offering vermilion to the Goddess), how to light a lamp during Navratri etc. have been put up at the exhibition venue. Sanatan Panchang 2018 (Hindu almanac / calendar) available at the stall is especially in demand among devotees.

Inauguration of the stall by staunch devout Hindu Mr Shankarsheth Jagtap

The stall was inaugurated by the staunch devout Hindu Mr Shankarsheth Jagtap, by offering a coconut. He is the brother of Legislator Mr Lakshman Jagtap. Mr Shankarsheth was accompanied by Mr Mauli Jagtap. At this time, Mr Shankarsheth expressed that let he be granted such opportunities to spread Dharma time and again.