Kalyan : Exhibition of Sanatan’s Holy texts and flexboards on the occasion of ‘Harinam Saptah’

Kalyan, September 17 – Harinam Saptah (continuous chanting of the Name of Deity Vishnu for a week) was organised at Mahajanwadi Hall in West Kalyan, on behalf of the Vitthal-Rukmini Mahila Bhajani Mandal (women’s group singing devotional songs) on September 9 and 10. On this occasion, an exhibition of Holy texts published by Sanatan and flexboards was held. The President of the Mandal, Mrs Kunda Ugale had invited Sanatan Sanstha to hold an exhibition. She also assisted in displaying the exhibits.

A dindi (procession amidst chanting the Name of God) was organised on September 10. Mrs Diksha Pendbhaje and Mr Madhav Sathe represented Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in the dindi. Vande Mataram and ‘Iss desh mein rehana hoga to Bharatmata kehena hoga’ (meaning if you wish to live in this country then you will have to call Her Bharatmata) were slogans raised during the procession.


A woman interested in Spirituality, invited Sanatan Sanstha at her residence to deliver a discourse on Pitrupaksha (the fortnight when non-liberated souls of deceased ancestors come to the earth).