We will definitely assist the mission of Sanatan Sanstha ! – Mrs Shashikala Battul, Deputy Mayor, Solapur

The Deputy Mayor Mrs Shashikala Battul visits Sanatan’s Dharmarath (Mobile van displaying Sanatan products) !


Mrs Vidya Kulkarni giving information about Sanatan’s Holy texts to Deputy Mayor Mrs Shashikala Battul (standing on the right)

Solapur : Here, at the Datta chowk, exhibition of Sanatan’s sattvik products and holy texts published  by Sanatan was displayed on Sanatan’s Dharmarath (mobile van). The Deputy Mayor of Solapur Mrs Shashikala Battul visited this exhibition. She said ‘The mission of Sanatan Sanstha is excellent. Your work is against the current flow. Hence, your mission will surely become successful. Our mission has selfish motives, but yours is selfless. So, I will certainly extend any assistance I can towards your mission’. Mr Bapu Dhage, the former Councillor was also present on the occasion. Sanatan’s seeker Mrs Vidya Kulkarni gave information about Sanatan’s Holy texts to Mrs Shashikala Battul and Mrs Madhuri Dingare presented the Holy text ‘Sola Sanskar (Sixteen Sanskars)’ to her.