Discourses conducted to explain the spiritual science underlying celebration of Ganesh festival !

The curious felt contented after receiving Dharma-education !

Dr Jyoti Kale (encircled in the picture) guiding devotees

Pune, 31 August – Discourses were delivered on behalf of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti at different venues with the objective that the Ganeshotsav be celebrated amidst devotion and as per the Scriptures, malpractices in the celebration be eliminated and awareness be created so that sanctity of the festival can be maintained, and devotees benefit from it at the spiritual level. These discourses received an overwhelming response from the devotees. In the discourses, the technique of performing religious rituals, which chant should be done, spiritual science underlying the act of offering red flowers and Bermuda grass (durva) to Shri Ganesh, significance of immersing a Ganesh idol in flowing water as per the Scriptures, was explained so that devotees benefit maximum from the increased Deity Principle during the Ganesh festival.  Many from the audience expressed happiness on receiving the spiritual knowledge, and some also requested to conduct regular Dharma-education sessions.


1. The women at the Shantinagar Mandal had arranged for recitation of the Atharvashirsha. The founder President of the committee, Mr Avinash Dilip Charvad distributed Sanatan’s booklet ‘Ganapati Atharvashirsha’ to 50 devotees. Sanatan Sanstha’s seeker Dr (Mrs) Jyoti Kale explained in brief the spiritual significance of Deity Ganapati to the 40 attendees. Thereafter, she was invited again to give a more detailed discourse on the subject.

2. During her discourse at the Vishnupuram society of Vadgaon too, Dr Jyoti Kale gave information about Ganesh idol, the science underlying the idol, proper method of immersion and also clarified the doubts of devotees. Mr Sandeep Jadhav, a resident of this society, felicitated Dr Kale by presenting a shawl and a coconut. 60 people attended this discourse.

3. At the Kamlanagar Ganesh Mitra Mandal in Shirwal (District Satara), Mrs Chhaya Pawar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti explained the spiritual science underlying Deity Shri Ganesh, to the 35 women attendees. Mrs Radha Belapurkar felicitated Mrs Pawar on behalf of the Mandal. After this discourse, some women requested for conducting regular classes imparting Dharma-education.

4. At the Ganeshnagar Mitra Mandal in Sanghvi, 50 curious attended the discourse. Mr Sandeep Chopdar and Mr Bhoite explained about the ritualistic worship of Deity Ganesh and its underlying science.

5. At the discourse organised at the Vaghere Colony in Pimprigaon, devout Hindus were told about the Spiritual Science underlying Shri Ganesh idol prepared from clay and its immersion in flowing water. After listening to this discourse, the attendees told that they would immerse Shri Ganesh idols as per Dharmashastra in the river only.

6. Spiritual discourses were delivered at the school no 1 and Kanya school, near Chinchwad station. In the lecture, the children were explained the spiritual science underlying worship of Deity Shri Ganesh. The teachers present during the discourse expressed that they perceived the importance of chanting and the science underlying immersion of Shri Ganesh idol in flowing water.

7. At the Jai Bhavani School, the students curiously asked questions such as how should Shri Ganesh idol be, when and how to install and immerse the idol etc. The function concluded with the founder of the school Mr Ganesh Datar Patil making an appeal to all the students, to put into practice all that was told in the discourse.