Kolhapur : Sanatan’s books exhibited in a program held during Ganeshotsav

An overwhelming response to the discourse on the ‘Spiritual science underlying worship of Deity Ganesh’ !

Women interested in Spirituality, recited the Atharvashirsha during a programme at Rendal

Rendal (Hatkanagale Taluka, Kolhapur), 30 August – On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi to commemorate installation of Shri Ganesh idol, group chanting of the Name of Deity Ganesh was organised on 25 August in the society of Shri Om Sevabhavi Sanstha, along with a discourse on ‘Spiritual science underlying the worship of Deity Ganesh’. The function commenced with the priest Mr Manohar Kulkarni consecrating the idol of Deity Ganesh (abhishek) followed by recitation of  the Atharvashirsha shloka. Thereafter the chant ‘Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha’ in the voice of Sanatan Sanstha’s Saint, Sadguru (Mrs) Anjali Gadgil, was played on the loudspeaker and repeated 501 times by the audience. In all 70 attendees – 45 women and 25 men participated in the group chanting.

1. During the group chanting, women had brought along a coconut and with every chant they offered consecrated rice-grains (akshata) onto a betelnut, which symbolised the Ganesh idol.

2. While the group chanted the name of Deity Shri Ganesh, Bhimseni Karpur (camphor, a product of Sanatan Sanstha) was lit. Mr Kiran Duse of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti provided guidance to the audience on ‘The Spiritual science underlying worship of Deity Shri Ganesh, importance of chanting the Name of Deity Ganesh and the spiritual science underlying immersion of Ganesh idol in flowing water instead of donating it’.

3. At the venue of the function, flex boards imparting religious education and information on revolutionaries were displayed. The display of flex and the bookstall exhibiting Sanatan’s Holy texts received an overwhelming response from those interested in Spirituality.

4. This function was a grand success due to the efforts of Mr Balkrishna Patil, Mr Ravindra Gaikwad, Mr Govindrao Gaikwad, Mr Shivajirao Mali, Mr Aniket Nikam, Mr Prashant Ghorpade, Mr Sachin Koli and Dr Mahesh Kadam.

Highlights : Despite torrential rainfall for 15 to 20 minutes towards the end of the group chanting, all those interested in Spirituality continued to chant with concentration, not one person left his seat.