Jalgaon : Sanatan Sanstha conducts Personality Development workshop for teachers in Pankaj school

Personality Defect and Ego Removal Process will make our lives happier ! – Feedback from teachers

Sanatan’s seeker Mrs Kshipra Juvekar providing guidance

Jalgaon, 29 August –There is not an iota of doubt that these extremely easy and convenient processes of Personality Defect and Ego Removal can make life happier. This feedback came from the teachers of Pankaj School at Chopda. On 26 August 2017, a workshop was conducted on behalf of Sanatan Sanstha on ‘How to undertake the processes of Personality Defect and Ego Removal’ at the above-mentioned school, in which 45 teachers had participated. To understand the topic all teachers had jotted down all the points discussed at the workshop.

While providing guidance on the topic of overcoming personality defects and ego, Mrs Kshipra Juvekar said that the very purpose of human birth is to experience bliss. The present fast life is leading to increase in stress. Attempts to overcome personality defects and ego will make life happier. It will also lead to Personality Development.

This workshop was organised by the school Principal Dr M.V. Patil. Dr Patil, Professor Sambhaji Desai and Vice Principal Mr Yogesh Chowdhary welcomed seekers Mr Yashwant Chowdhary, Mrs Kshipra Juvekar and Ms Jayashree Patil respectively with a flower bouquet. The workshop commenced with recitation of a Ganapati shloka and a prayer. Ms Jayashree Patil gave an introduction of the activities of Sanatan Sanstha while the compering was done by Mr Yogesh Chowdhary.

After listening to the guidance, the Principal Dr M.V. Patil said, “We were blessed to receive this invaluable information during the auspicious period of Ganesh Chaturthi. We learnt a lot and will make efforts in that direction. We thank Sanatan Sanstha for providing this guidance to us.” Some of the teachers also gave their feedback as the work done by the Sanstha is commendable.