D Mart, Mumbai changes its distorted Ganesh idol after Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers create awareness

O, Hindus, do your duty towards Dharma by creating awareness about distorted Ganesh idols  !

Picture of distorted Ganesh idol
Picture of changed Ganesh idols

Mumbai – D Mart in Pavai had displayed a distorted Ganesh idol that was prepared by arranging vessels in a shape so as to resemble the Deity and also a trunk like shape was attached to it. After Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers created awareness, the administration of D Mart removed the denigrating Ganesh idol and placed sattvik Shri Ganesh idols. (We congratulate the management team of D Mart for taking immediate action against the denigration and rectifying their mistake after learning about the underlying Dharmashastra! O, Hindu Brethren, do not allow any misrepresentation of our revered Hindu Deities through the medium of distorted idols. Take care not to cause denigration of our Deities. – Editor DSP)

On 17th August, a devout Hindu Mr Rupesh Sharma from Pavai had gone to D Mart for shopping. At that time he saw the above distorted Shri Ganesh idol. He immediately contacted Sanatan Sanstha’s seeker Mr Prasad Kadam and informed him about the denigration. On 19th August, Mr Prasad Kadam went to D Mart and confirmed of it himself. (The prompt act of devout Hindu Mr Rupesh Sharma and seeker Mr Prasad Kadam after learning about the denigration is praiseworthy and worth emulating for Hindus all over. – Editor DSP) Later seeker Mr Prasad Kadam along with Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers Mrs Rajani Parab, Mrs Shobha Dhanavade and Mrs Dhanashri Trimbakkar went to D Mart and created awareness. They explained to the management how their representation of Shri Ganesh idol was against Dharmashastra and causing denigration. Realizing their mistake, the management immediately replaced the idols with sattvik Shri Ganesh idols.