Ban Chinese goods to teach China a lesson ! – Representation to Tahsildar

Devout Hindus while giving representation to the City President, Dr. Vijay Savant (Right) in Tasgao

Vita (Dist. Sangli), 5th August (News) : With a view to teach a lesson to China, infiltrating Bharat’s line of control (Border) and giving treats of war to Bharat, a representation demanding ban on the sale of Chinese goods was handed over to Tahsildar Ranjana Umbarhande. Along with this representation another representation was also given demanding Government to encourage idol makers of Shri Ganesh to make earthen idols of Shri Ganesh, discouraging the idol makers making Shri Ganesh idols of paper pulp,and also to stop dishonor caused to National Flag acting as per the court order. The same representation was also given to the Police Inspector Ravindra Pisal.

Founder of Hindu Dharmasena, Mr. Shivbhaiyya Shinde, Mr. Amar Shinde, Mr. Hrushikesh Chavhan, Hrushikesh Bhasme, Mr. Mahesh Babar, Sharad Koli of Sriman Hindavi Pratishthan, workers of Sanatan Sanstha and HJS were present on this occasion.

Tasgao – Representation was given to the City president, Dr. Vijay Savant and Tahsildar Mr. Sudhakar Bhosle. Mr. Sachin Chavhan, City Chief of Shivsena, Mr. Dayttatray Yedke, workers of Sanatan Sanstha and HJS were present there.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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