Good response received from ‘jidnyasus’ in Kerala for ‘Dharmaprasar’ activities

1. Distribution of handbills

On 28.4.2017, more than 1000 handbills were distributed on the occasion of ‘Akshay Trutiya’ by 6 well-wishers and devout Hindus.


2. Increase in demand for Sanatan’s short book on ornaments !

One shopkeeper sponsored 10 copies of the short book on ornaments in the first meeting. 34 goldsmiths were contacted from Palakkad and Ernakulam districts. In this drive, 156 copies of the above short book were sold. Demand for the book is still received from people.


3. Holding of lectures

Lectures were held at a place in Palakkad district and at Shri Janardanswami Mandir in Fort Cochin in Ernakulam district on the topic of ‘Akshay Trutiya’. A friend of one seeker made offering of grain and ‘ghee (clarified butter)’ on learning about the significance of ‘Akshay Trutiya’.

– Kum. Pranita Sukhthankar, Kerala