Sanatan becomes an assemblage of Saints ! (Part -2)

The spiritual level of an average individual and one not performing spiritual practice is 20%, that of one performing spiritual practice regularly through Karmakāṇd (Path of Rituals) such as daily pῡjā (ritualistic worship) , reading pothīs (Holy verses), fasting etc , is 25 to 30 %. An individual with a spiritual level of 70 % attains Sainthood. These Saints can chant for the welfare of the society. They do not have a rebirth but can take birth on earth if they wish for Their own spiritual progress or the welfare of humanity.

Sanatan’s Jewels of Saints

Sanatan’s 61st Saint H.H. Anant (Tatya) Patil

83 year old Mr. Anant (Tatya) Patil from Nagothne (Raigad District) was declared a Saint on July 19,2016. H.H. Tatya would perform the sēvā of distributing the Daily Sanatan Prabhat even at this age. Chanting continuously even in the most difficult situations H.H. Tatya overcame several obstacles. Performing every action without any expectations being the basic nature of Tatya He can remain happy all the time, even in old age. Due to immense faith in God He remains blissful even in the most difficult situations.

Sanatan’s 62nd Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Suman Naik

A lady-seeker from Kapileshwari, Ponda Mrs. Suman Naik (aged 67 years) attained Sainthood on July 19, 2016. H.H. Suman (Maushi as she is fondly called) Naik is a unique blend of love and loyalty unto the Principle ! She is easily able to draw others to her. She has great yearning that seekers should progress fast. She helps seekers in all possible ways and time and again tells them their mistakes by remaining loyal to the Principle.

Sanatan’s 63rd Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Sushila Modi

Mrs. Sushila Modi a lady-seeker from Jodhpur attained Sainthood on July 19, 2016. The characteristics of H.H. Modibhabhi is that she has sacrificed everything – her body, mind and wealth. She has immense love for seekers and showers motherly love on seekers visiting Her. Despite Her age she is perpetually in sēvā. Studying every sēvā completely She is earnest about completing it promptly. Surrendering unto God even in difficult situations H.H. Bhabhi remains steady and is in a perpetual state of spiritual emotion.