Sanatan becomes an assemblage of Saints ! (Part -1)

The spiritual level of an average individual and one not performing spiritual practice is 20%, that of one performing spiritual practice regularly through Karmakāṇd (Path of Rituals) such as daily pῡjā (ritualistic worship) , reading pothīs (Holy verses), fasting etc , is 25 to 30 %. An individual with a spiritual level of 70 % attains Sainthood. These Saints can chant for the welfare of the society. They do not have a rebirth but can take birth on earth if they wish for Their own spiritual progress or the welfare of humanity.

Saints who have become one with Sanatan Sanstha !

1. H.H. Pande Maharaj

H.H. Pande Maharaj

H.H. Pande Maharaj’s full name is Mr. Parashram Madhavrao Pande. He hails from Lohari Savanga in Nagpur District. His Guru (Spiritual Master) was H.H. Bapurao Maharaj Khatkhedkar of Nagpur. When working as an engineer in Akola He commenced spiritual practice of chanting. Due to His diligent reading He studied the Vēdas, Upaniṣhads etc. When teaching His son Mathematics He perceived the energy of Shrī Gaṇēsh in the number one. Then He wrote the Holy text ‘Shrīgaṇēsh Adhyātma Darshan’. H.H. Pande Maharaj came in contact with Sanatan Sanstha in December 2004. Thereafter despite being blessed with a Guru He commenced spiritual practice under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha. H.H.(Dr.) Athavale (seat of inspiration of Santan Sanstha) met H.H. Pande Maharaj when touring Vidarbha. Therafter He decided to reside in the ashram (Hermitage) and began to live in Devad Ashram. Due to His yearning for the welfare of the society and Prītī (Spiritual love) for seekers He became a pillar of support of the Devad Ashram. Today He is known as a Saint with compassion striving continuously to reduce the distress of Sanatan seekers.

* Date of birth of H.H. Pande Maharaj 24.11.1927

* H.H. Maharaj received the Gurumantra (Initiation from the Guru) in 1960 after which His spiritual practice commenced.

* He got the spiirtual experience of the number 1 in 1976 A.D.

* When on tour H.H. (Dr.) Athavale met H.H. Maharaj on 18.2.2005 at Akola.

* By the grace of H.H. (Dr.) Athavale on 6.10.2005 the Holy text “Shriganesh Adhyatma Darshan” written by Him was awarded the Brahmalin Swami Vishnutirtha award of 2005 at the national level, in Indore.

* He is living at the Sanatan Ashram at Devad since 3.1.2007.

As a result of spiritual practice performed under the guidance of Sanatan and grace of the Guru, within just 14 years (till March 2015) 48 seekers from this organisation have attained Sainthood. In the present times as society has drifted away from observance of Dharma (Righteousness) the proportion of Raja-Tama (Two of the three basic components in the universe signified by activity and passion; and inertia and ignorance respectively) in it has increased consequently increasing addictions, crime, corruption, misconduct, immorality and such other demoniacal qualiites. Pollution of Raja-Tama components is more dangerous than air and water pollution. Enhancing the influence/Increasing the strength of the Sattva (one of the basic three components in the universe signified by purity and knowlwdge) component is an effective remedy to curbing Raja-Tama pollution. This very action is occurring in the subtle through the Chaitanya emanating from Saints. For the establishment of a Hindu Nation that ‘Sanatan Sanstha’ is promoting it is essential for the Raja-Tama components to decrease and the Sattva component to increase. Saints from Sanatan are performing this mission both at the physical and spiritual levels for upliftment of the society, the Nation and Dharma.

2. H.H. Raghuvir Maharaj

H.H. Das Maharaj

The mission of Sanatan is carrying on with the blessings of Saints. Different Saints are assisting Sanatan through various means. One of them is H.H. Raghuvir Maharaj from Panval-Banda, Sindhudurg District.

H.H. Raghuvir Maharaj’s full name is Mr. Raghuvir Bhagwandas Naik. He was born on Māgh Kruṣhṇa 7, that is February 8,1942 at Bhimapurwadi (Galatgewadi) in Mul village, Belgaon District. H.H. Raghuvir Maharaj belongs to the Rāmdāsī sect. Both His father, H.H. Bhagwandas Maharaj and mother were spiritually evolved. H.H. Raghuvir Maharaj received initiation from Shridharswami at Sajjangad at the age of 16. In 1961 He installed idols of Deities Rāma, Lakshmaṇ, Māruti etc. at Banda. In 1962 Maharaj stayed in Badrinath for six months to chant the Gāyatrī mantra (A sacred verse from the Vēdās, to be recited by a Brāhmaṇ during the daily ritual of sandhyā , a mantra of the Sun Deity, hence related to Tējtattva) . In Banaras H.H. Raghuvir Maharaj chanted for three months for the Hanuman Kavach Yadnya. Here Shrī Hanumant gave Him a vision of Himself. H.H. Raghuvir Maharaj became a Saint from vyaṣhṭī (individual) by performing vyaṣhṭī spiritual practice. It is only when He came in contact with Sanatan that He gradually commenced samaṣhṭī spiritual practice. Thereafter he performed samaṣhṭī spiritual practice wholeheartedly. On August 29, 2007, the Gurupourṇimā (Full moon day of the month of Āshāḍh, also called Vyās Pourṇima after Sage Vyās who is considered the first Guru) of 2007 He became a Saint from samaṣhṭī.

To alleviate the negative energy distress caused to Sanatan, along with H.H. Pagnis Maharaj from Nipani-Bhimapurwadi, Kolhapur District, H.H. Raghuvir Maharaj performed Panchamukhī Shrī Vīr Hanumatkavach yadnya (Fire sacrifice) for 11 consecutive Saturdays at the Sanatan Ashram in Ponda, Goa. These yadnyas helped seekers to overcome their spiritual distress due to the sāttviktā (Sattva component) generated by them and also by use of the vibhῡtī (Holy ash) created from them. Thereafter H.H. Raghuvir Maharaj performed Shrī Vīr Hanumatkavach yadnya for the Sanstha at 36 different venues. His faith and guidance always gives seekers from Sanatan, inspiration and enthusiasm at the level of Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness).

Characteristics of Saints from Sanatan Sanstha

1. The mind of the Saints has dissolved , that is only the Name given by the Guru continues incessantly in Their minds or They remain in a state of thoughtlessness.

2. Saints have both love for others as well as sākshībhāv (Observer state) which seekers actually experience.

3. Spiritual experiences such as spiritual healing, spontaneous chanting, thoughtlessness, more Ᾱnand (Bliss) and Shāntī (Peace) are experienced in Their presence.

4. The Chaitanya emanating from Their physical bodies keeps the atmosphere pure all the time.

5. Since the ego of Saints is very low, every moment they feel that ‘God or Guru (H.H. (Dr.) Athavale) is getting everything done through Their medium’. Hence They are hardly aware of Their existence.

6. Since Saints remain in a spiritual emotion of surrender all the time They are able to perform more effective samaṣhṭī sēvā for a long time.

In this way Saints are perpetually striving for the welfare of others.


Sanatan’s Jewels of Saints

The 1st Saint H.H. Vimal Phadke (Has renounced Her body)

Despite being bedridden for three years, due to Her intense yearning to serve the Guru, Her Satsēvā (Service unto the Absolute Truth) continued. She attained Sainthood on Mārgashīrṣha Shukla 9, Kaliyug Varsha 5104, that is December 13, 2002. Seekers benefitted tremendously from Her Sainthood. She renounced Her body on Phalgun Shukla 3, Kaliyug 5108, that is February 19, 2007. Due to the sāttviktā emanating from Her body the flooring in the room used by Her has become smooth.

The 2nd Saint Parātpar Guru H.H. Kalidas Deshpande (Has renounced His body)

He attained Sainthood on Shrāvaṇ Shukla 14, Kaliyug Varsha 5108, that is August 8, 2006. Thereafter He travelled all over Bhārat and rendered guidance to seekers and finally renounced His body on Bhādrapad Kruṣhṇa 1, Kaliyug Varsha 5112, that is September 24, 2010.At the time His spiritual level was 91 %. He has progressed to the highest levels of Satyalok (Highest region in the seven positive regions in the universe) and Parātpar Guru (Supreme Guru).

 The 3rd Saint H.H. Shakuntala Pethe (Has renounced Her body)

She commenced spiritual practice at the age of 67 under the banner/guidance of ‘Sanatan Sanstha’. By performing spiritual practice for a mere twelve years She attained Sainthood. Prītī was the special facet of Her spiritual practice. She attained Sainthood on Vaishākh Shukla 8, Kaliyug Varsha 5109, that is April 24, 2007 and renounced Her body on Vaishākh Shukla 4, Kaliyug Varsha 5110, that is May 8, 2008.

The 4th Saint H.H. Nikamtatya (Has renounced His body)

He created a niche for Himself in the heart/eyes of the Guru with His innocence. Despite being blind and deaf He became a Saint at the age of 74 on Ᾱshāḍh Pourṇīmā (Gurupourṇimā), Kaliyug Varsha 5109, that is July 29, 2007. He would advise seekers to have immense faith in the Guru, perform spiritual practice resolutely, observe obedience, remove personality defects and curb negative thinking.On Māgh Shukla 6, Kaliyug Varsha 5116, that is January 25, 2015 He renounced His body.

The 5th Saint H.H. Satyawan Kadam

He served the Guru in His Saguṇ (Materialised) form and on February 21, 2008 that is Māgh Pourṇimā, Kaliyug Varsha 5109 at the age of 44 He became a Saint. A confluence of the three states of spiritual emotion ie service attitude, observer state and detachment are observed in His spiritual practice. He taught seekers how to experience Ᾱnand by keeping the attitude of service . As He travelled all over the country to guide seekers, their spiritual practice received the appropriate direction./He travelled all over the country and His guidance to seekers helped to steer their spiritual practice in the right direction.

The 6th Saint H.H. Rajendra Shinde

His samaṣhṭī sēvā was to spread spirituality in society ,that is He was a prasar sevak and at the age of 48 on Ᾱshwin Kruṣhṇa 14, Kaliyug Varsha 5112, that is November 5, 2010 He became a Saint. Now He guides seekers all over Bhārat and abroad on the mission of the Guru and spiritual practice. His guidance pertains to proper utilisation of available time by seekers for rendering sēvā, celebrating Gurupourṇimā methodically, organising public meetings, etc.

The 7th Saint H.H. Padmakar Honap

Performing spiritual practice with the virtues of devotion and obedience, s, within a short span of 13 years on Jyēṣhṭha Shukla10, Kaliyug Varsha 5113, that is June 11, 2011 He attained Sainthood. Purity, love for others and consistency in spiritual practice were the special features of His spiritual practice. He explains to seekers in simple language how for happy living there is no alternative to spiritual practice. No matter what the circumstances in life, one must remain in communion with God is what He teaches seekers.

The 8th Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī) Prema Kuvelkar

H.H. (Shrīmatī) Kuvelkar was unable to leave home for sēvā due to household responsibilities. She performed vyaṣhṭī spiritual practice from home for 18 years and on Kārtik Shukla 2, Kaliyug Varsha 5113, that is October 28, 2011 at the age of 78 attained Sainthood. She serves as a role model for those performing spiritual practice by living at home. She has proved that God realisation can occur despite leading a worldly life. So H.H. Kuvelkaraji is a living example of how spiritual progress can be made by maintaining consistency in spiritual practice !

The 9th Saint H.H. Sadanand (Baba) Naik

He showed the world that spiritual progress can occur even when one is not literates. He performed sēvā in the construction department of the ashram and kept His seva going with yearning, humility, perseverance and samaṣhṭī spiritual emotion/commitment to society. He became a Saint on Kārtik Shukla 2, Kaliyug Varsha 5113, that is October 28, 2011. He guided seekers so that they progress spiritually. He gave seekers useful information in the context of personality defect removal.

The 10th Saint H.H. (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil

Despite being hearing impaired in one ear He performed spiritual practice with intense yearning. He performed the sēvā of expanding the writings of H.H. (Dr.) Athavale in a beautiful manner and to perfection.His emphasis was on doing seva accurately. As He performed spiritual practice with the virtues of yearning, humility, love for others, on Kārtik Shukla 2, Kaliyug Varsha 5113, that is October 28, 2011 He attained Sainthood.

The 11th Saint H.H. Sandip/Sandeep Alshi

H.H. Sandip/Sandeep Alshi an extremely important entity in the creation of Holy texts of Sanatan attained Sainthood at the age of 38, in October 2011. Till date He is the youngest Saint in the history of Sanatan. When rendering sēvā of compilation of Holy texts He paid minute attention to the planning of the time schedule, the sēvās alloted to seekers and the arrangement of contents in the Holy texts. As He performed sēvā with the virtues of humility, love for others and encouragement to seekers, on Kārtik Shukla 2, Kaliyug Varsha 5113, that is October 28, 2011 He attained Sainthood.

The 12th Saint H.H. (Miss) Anuradha Wadekar

She proved in October 2011 that in spiritual practice, with the virtues of yearning and unconditional love for others one can overcome severe spiritual distress and become a Saint. Anutai who obsesses about the rapid spiritual progress of seekers , makes efforts so that they overcome personality defects and become consistent in spiritual practice and seizes every opportunity to encourage seekers in spiritual practice, attained Sainthood on Kārtik Shukla 2, Kaliyug Varsha 5113, that is October 28, 2011.

The 13th Saint H.H. Mahadev Nakate

He proved that despite being disabled and with virtues like low ego, constant communion with God,doing as per the wish of others and yearning, in just five months the spiritual level can be enhanced by 9%. Due to His samaṣhṭῑ spiritual emotion/commitment to seekers He paid great attention to their progress in spiritual practice.By taking regular follow-up of seekers’spiritual practice, providing guidance to solve their difficulties and being watchful that seekers maintain consistency in sadhana, Nakatekaka became a Saint on Poush Shukla 4, Kaliyug Varsha 5113, that is December 28, 2011.

The 14th Saint H.H. Dwaravati Redkar

H.H. Aji is a combination of virtues like love, yearning, punctuality and concern for others. The daily routine of H.H. Aji will put youngsters to shame. Aji is everyone’s favourite because She affectionately asks seekers about their spiritual practice , encourages their spiritual practice and suggests solutions to their problems. Consistency in spiritual practice and constant communion with God catapulted Aji on Chaitra Shukla 8, Kaliyug Varsha 5114 that is March 31, 2012, to Sainthood.

The 15th Saint H.H. Ratnakar Marathe (Has renounced His body)

Despite suffering from a debilitating disease such as Parkinsonism and ailment of the knee joint His yearning to perform sēvā was such that He overtook/outshone even youngsters. Even in this state of health He toured nine districts in Vidarbha to guide seekers. He was focussed on the rapid spiritual progress of seekers. He felt love for all seekers. So no matter how far the seeker was He would remain in contact with Him. On Chaitra Krushna 2, Kaliyug Varsha 5114 that is April 8, 2012 He attained Sainthood and the next day, that is Chaitra Krushna 3, Kaliyug Varsha 5114, that is April 9, 2012 He renounced His body.

The 16th Saint H.H. Dattatreya Deshpande

H.H. Deshpande Ajoba (grandpa) is a storehouse of Divine virtues ! His spiritual emotion of surrender is an ideal for seekers. His message is to fight for the sake of Dharma till the very last breath after sacrificing the body, mind and wealth. He guides that the norms of spiritual practice namely obedience, love for others, chanting and prayer should be observed meticulously. He became a Saint on Chaitra Krushna 14, Kaliyug Varsha 5114 that is April 20, 2012.

The 17th Saint H.H. Umesh Shenai

H.H. Umesh Shenai is the first Saint from Karnataka to prove that ‘one can become a Saint by performing spiritual practice as per Gurukrupāyoga’. Striving to complete a sēvā allotted to Him, maintaining an optimistic attitude, accepting a situation instead of complaining, are facets of His virtues. He is very vigilant about the spiritual practice of seekers. He makes efforts to prevent any disruptions in the spiritual practice of seekers and guides them to sincerely perform the spiritual practice as advised by Sanatan. He attained Sainthood on Vaishākh Shukla 6, Kaliyug Varsha 5114, that is on April 27, 2012.

The 18th Saint H.H. Chatarsing Ingle

Winning over Shrīguru with the virtues of obedience and love for others, Mr. Inglekaka hailing from Durg (Chattisgarh) became the 18th Saint from Sanatan Sanstha. Seekers from other places receive daily guidance through Sanatan Prabhat and through weekly satsang (Spiritual meeting). Despite the non-availability of such facilities in Chhattisgarh and availing of the guidance available once in one or two months, He attained Sainthood.. Inglekaka with intense yearning for the spread of Dharma and Spirituality and immense faith in Shrīguru attained Sainthood on Vaishākh Shukla Navamī, that is April 30, 2012.

The 19th Saint (Name unknown/undisclosed)

This Saint has requested that His name not be disclosed to prevent His further spiritual progress from being compromised.

The 20th Saint H.H. Ashalata Sakhdev

She became a Saint due to her immense faith in H.H. (Dr.) Athavale. With a calm temperament from the very beginning Sakhdevaji would tell everything to H.H. Gurudēv in the subtle. She gave seekers the message that they should perform spiritual practice wholeheartedly so as to be able to face the approaching critical times. She attained Sainthood on Vaishākh Kruṣhṇa 5, Kaliyug Varsha 5114, that is May 10, 2012.

The 21st Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī) Sitabai Marathe (Has renounced Her body)

On Vaishākh Kruṣhṇa 9, Kaliyug Varsha 5114, that is May 14, 2012 Shrīmatī Sitabai Maratheaji became Pujya Shrimati Sitabai Maratheaji . Her spiritual level is 71 %.


The 22nd Saint H.H. (Dr.) Charudatta Pingle

Allopathic physician Dr. Pinglekaka a man of few words and no enemies, with the virtues of constant introversion and a calm nature, attained Sainthood on Vaishākh Kruṣhṇa 9, Kaliyug Varsha 5114 that is May 14, 2012. Despite having severe spiritual distress, fighting it vehemently He made spiritual progress. His guidance was about giving seekers the right perspectives in their spiritual practice. Performing sēvā to perfection is one of His characteristics !

The 23rd Saint H.H. Vinayak Karve

Managing the Holy text sale stall and performing sēvā such as distribution of Holy texts, conducting satsang, collecting donations for Gurupourṇimā etc. Mr. Vinayak Karvemama became a Saint. Humility, attitude of service, obedience and optimism are His virtues. The selling of Holy texts when travelling by bus or train is His characteristic feature ! Replete in the virtues of an attitude of service and yearning to spread Spirituality, Karvemama became a Saint on Vaishākh Kruṣhṇa 10, Kaliyug Varsha 5114, that is May 15, 2012.

The 24th Saint H.H. Nandakumar Jadhav

Due to His virtues of humility, obedience, yearning to participate in the mission of the Guru, love for others, punctuality and ability to remain unentangled in Māyā (The Great Illusion), Mr. Nandakumar Jadhavkaka aged 62 hailing from Akaluj, Solapur District, was able to attain Sainthood. In His context H.H. (Dr.) Athavale has stated that He has become a Saint after observing even the most difficult situations with sākshībhāv and that sthitapradnyatā (steady mindedness/equanimity) is one of His virtues. He yearns for the spiritual progress of every seeker. He harbours the spiritual emotion that every sēvā allotted to Him ‘has been given to Him by Gurudēv Himself’.

The 25th Saint H.H. Pruthviraj Hazare

In the extremely difficult period of eight years, fulfilling the responsibility of editor of all ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ periodicals Mr. Pruthviraj Hazare attained Sainthood on the day of celebration of ‘Gurupourṇīmā 2012’. Due to His patriotism and love for Dharma He was arrested four times. His innate virtues are simplicity and punctuality. His basic temperament is to perform sēvā night and day with constant perseverance . He remained steady/calm even during the period of impending ban on the Sanstha and during His four arrests.

The 26th Saint H.H. Bhau (Sadashiv) Parab

Mr. Bhau (Sadashiv) Parab from Goa who constantly remains in a state of spiritual emotion, awakens spiritual emotion in seekers by His state of unexpressed spiritual emotion and by His mere presence, gets seekers to make a resolve of spiritual practice and gets efforts made in that direction by Whose mere remembrance seekers feel supported, became a Saint on Bhādrapad Kruṣhṇa 9, Kaliyug Varsha 5114, that is October 9, 2012. Bhau performs spiritual practice with the spiritual emotion that ‘God is present in everyone’. His words show loyalty to the Principle.

The 27th Saint H.H. (Dr.) Vasant Athavale (Has renounced His body)

The highly qualified, reputed Paediatrician Dr. Vasant Athavale (aged 80) was known to all as Appakaka. He is the elder brother of H.H. (Dr.) Jayant Athavale, the seat of inspiration of Sanatan Sanstha. He performed the seva of writing Holy texts. His special characteristics were an attitude of learning and perseverance in sēvā. When performing sēvā not taking doership for it, humility, promptness, perfection in sēvā, melodious speech were different facets of His personality. He attained Sainthood on Mārgashīrsha Shukla 4, Kaliyug Varsha 5114, that is December 16, 2012 and renounced His body on Kārtīk Shukla 7, Kaliyug Varsha 5115, that is November 9, 2013.

The 28th Saint H.H. Sudamrao Shende

The 74 year old Mr. Sudamrao Shende endowed with the spiritual enthusiasm of a 50-55 year old, an iconic presence remaining engrossed in sēvā and uninterrupted spiritual practice, became a Saint on Poush Shukla 7, Kaliyug Varsha 5114, that is January 18, 2013. In Spirituality faith is important but if immense faith is combined with obedience then the grace of the Guru is showered and the impossible becomes possible. The spiritual progress of H.H. Shendeajoba is exemplary of this.

The 29th Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Nirmala Honap (Has renounced Her body)

Mrs. Honapkaku made such rapid spiritual progress that on Chaitra Kruṣhṇa 4, Kaliyug Varsha 5114, that is on April 29, 2013 She attained a spiritual level of 71 % and became a Saint. She is the 29th Saint from Sanatan.


The 30th Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Binda Singbal

Performing sēvā for 19-20 hours daily, developing closeness like a family member and giving support to others, solving not only the problems in vyaṣhṭī and samaṣhṭ̙ī spiritual practice of seekers but also their family problems, are the virtues of Mrs. Binda Singbal. Due to Her intense spiritual emotion for Shrīkruṣhṇa a mere glance at Her awakens spiritual emotion in seekers. When serving in the administrative department in the Ramnathi Ashram She acquired the 30th place in the assemblage of Sanatan Saints, on Jyēṣhṭha Shukla 4, June 12, 2013.

The 31st Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Saraswati Kapse

Mrs. Saraswati Kapseaji aged 83 from Faltan, Satara District has attained Sainthood by Her continuous spiritual practice of following Dharma, vrat (vowed religious observances) right since Her childhood. She was proclaimed on Ᾱshāḍh Shukla 9, Kaliyug Varsha 5115, that is July 17, 2013 as the 31st Saint of Sanatan. She possesses a number of Divine virtues such as following Dharma, devotion unto Deity Vitthal, remaining in a state of spiritual emotion, love for others and constant communion with God. When Saints and seekers visit Faltan they reside in Aji’s home.

The 32nd Saint H.H. Master Saurabh Joshi

Disabled in all senses of the term, on Shrāvaṇ Kruṣhṇa 10, that is August 31, 2013 He was proclaimed as the 32nd Saint of Sanatan. Saurabh is unable to take care of His daily needs. He cannot even turn on His side on His own. Since birth He has slept in only one position due which He has excruciating pain. Despite that He is always happy. H.H. Saurabh has shown the world that despite being crippled physically and mentally, spiritual practice can still be performed in the subconscious mind and progress can be achieved. H.H. Saurabhdada who appears like a child, despite being embodied, is in a state of being disembodied (videhi). In Spirituality attaining this ‘Vidēhi’ state is of the highest order.

The 33rd Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil

Mrs. Anjali Gadgil with several Divine virtues such as curiosity, a perpertual learning attitude, yearning to help others in spiritual practice, communicationg with Saints outside of the organisation, determination to perform sēvā to perfection as per expectations of the Guru, etc. became the 33rd Saint of Sanatan on Shrāvaṇ Kruṣhṇa 10, that is August 31, 2013. H.H. Mrs. Anjalitai tours incessantly to film temples, to meet Saints and Their devotees etc. If asked a doubt on any topic from any Holy text, most of the times She gives a prompt reply, so indepth is Her study.

The 34th Saint H.H. (Miss) Swati Khadye

H.H.(Miss) Swatitai Who visits every district to guide seekers from the propagation of Spirituality (Prasar) section is their spiritual mother ! H.H. (Miss) Swati, a unique blend of numerous virtues such as performing a new task only after consulting Her superiors, loyalty to the Principle, remaining enthusiastic and happy all the time, optimistic, prompt, frank,with immense faith in H.H. (Dr.) Athavale and determination to perform as per the will of the Guru, a warrior attitude and love for others, yearning for social upliftment, leadership etc became the 34th Saint of Sanatan on Ᾱshwin Krushna 9, that is October 28, 2013, the youngest samaṣhṭī Saint.

The 35th Saint H.H. (Vaidya) Vinay Bhave

To make individual spiritual progress, sacrifice of body-mind-wealth and spiritual yearning are essential. Due to these very virtues H.H. Vinay Bhavekaka made spiritual progress and became the 35th (vyaṣhṭī) Saint of Sanatan on Ᾱshwin Kruṣhṇa 9, October 28, 2013. Along with the virtues of helping others, attitude of sacrifice, observer attitude , introversion, getting along with others etc He harbours/cherishes the spiritual emotion that ‘I belong to H.H. (Dr.) Athavale and I am His servant’, when performing sēvā/actions. An excellent Ᾱyurvēdic physician H.H. Bhavekaka was awarded the Raigad Bhushan (jewel) accolade in Raigad Distirct in 2013.

The 36th Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī) Shalini Nene

That spiritual practice is beyond the limitations of age, place and if there is spiritual emotion one can achieve the highest peak in spiritual practice is the ideal that H.H. (Shrīmatī) Shalini Nenenaji has placed before everybody, and on the auspicious day of Dattajayanti (Birthday of Deity Datta), that is December 16, 2013. She became Sanatan’s 36th (vyaṣhṭī) Saint ! Despite being 90 years old and residing in a home for the aged She performs regular spiritual practice. Aji has innate spiritual virtues of extreme humility, no ego, love for others, understanding others, accepting circumstances etc She harbours the spiritual emotion that H.H.(Dr.) Athavale is Omnipresent and gets everything done from us’.

The 37th Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Padmavati Balasaheb Kenge

H.H. (Mrs.) Padmavati Balasaheb Kengeaji (aged 80) of Nagar with a religious attitude, a loving nature and constant communion with God through chanting became the 37th Saint (vyaṣhṭī) of Sanatan on Margashīrṣha Pourṇīmā, December 17, 2013.  She has immense respect for H.H.(Dr.) Athavale and all other Saints and great fondness for seekers. Even at this age She performs the sēvā of making tea or meals for seekers. She asks both Her daughters-in-law to prioritise sēvā over houshold chores. She reads the Daily Sanatan Prabhat regularly and praises the activities of the Sanatan Sanstha.

The 38th Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Hemlata Das

H.H. (Mrs.) Hemlata Das (aged 76) hailing from Kolkatta and remaining in constant communion with God and talking more and more about Him became the 38th Saint (vyaṣhṭī) in the assemblage of Sanatan Saints on Mārgashīrṣha Krushna 13, December 30, 2013. She was initiated with a Gurumantra at the age of 18 . She has been chanting that Gurumantra in the prescribed quantity regularly for several years. Feeling agitated about the unrighteous, sensitivity towards the deteriorated state of Hindus, excellent memory, curiosity, mingling with all in society, fearlessness etc are several of Her virtues.

The 39th Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī) Rukmini Londhe

On January 25 th, 2014 Shrīmatī Rukmini Purushottam Londheaji (aged 89) from Nagar district who does continuous chanting and remains in constant communion with God, , became Sanatan’s 39th Saint ! Chanting continuously for the past 40 years constantly thinking of Shrīkruṣhṇa, displaying ideal conduct and having intense faith in God etc are some of the Divine virtues She possesses. She cherishes the spiritual emotion that She has made spiritual progress with the blessings of H.H. Kalavati Ai, H.H. Godavari Mataji and H.H. (Dr.) Athavale.

The 40th Saint H.H. Gurunath Dabholkar

Mr. Gurunath Dabholkar (aged 75) from Devad (Panvel) Ashram attained a spiritual level of 71 % and became a Saint on May 5, 2014. Showering all with His unconditional love, Sanatan’s 40th Saint H.H. Gurunath Dabholkarkaka has performed a number of sēvās like serving in the construction department and spiritual healing of seekers. He possesses a number of spiritual virtues such as openness, frankness, concentration, perseverance, thriftiness, promptness, performing/taking any allotted sēvā to completion, obedience etc. Since H. H. Dabholkarkaka is close to all seekers He is a pillar of support to them.

The 41st Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī) Pramila Prabhudesai

Possessing the spiritual virtues of innocence, purity, simplicity, expansiveness, immense spiritual emotion for H.H. (Dr.) Athavale, warrior attitude etc. Shrīmatī Pramila Ranganath Prabhudesai became the 41st Saint of Sanatan on May 10, 2014. A quote says ‘there is God where there is spiritual emotion’. Prabhudesaiaji is an example of this ! Spiritual emotion gets awakened just by looking at Her. H.H. Aji wakes up at 4 a.m. daily and after chanting and other sadhana reads the Daily Sanatan Prabhat. Everyday H.H. Aji prays to God asking for ‘the Hindu Nation to be established, that H.H. (Dr.) Athavale and all seekers live to see it, that H.H.(Dr.) Athavale’s vital energy (Praṇshaktī) may increase’.

The 42nd Saint H.H. Ashok Patrikar

Attaining a spiritual level of 71 % on May 10, 2014 Mr. Ashok Patrikar procured the 42nd place in the assemblage of Sanatan Saints. H.H. Patrikarkaka has rendered sēvā in the Daily Sanatan Prabhat,in the spread of Spirituality, in compilation of Holy texts etc. H.H. Kaka is a storehouse of a number of virtues. Discipline, humility, stability, consistency, expansiveness, accepting changes in sēvā immediately, leadership in performing activities, love for others, unexpressed spiritual emotion for the Guru, low ego etc. H.H. Patrikarkaka had proved that not only can the entire family be turned towards Spirituality but that wholehearted spiritual practice can be got done from them.

The 43rd Saint H.H. Mahendra Kshatriya

Despite His illness, Mr. Mahendra Kshatriya by performing internal (in the subconscious mind) spiritual practice and attaining a spiritual level of 71% became the 43rd Saint of Sanatan on September 10,2014. The interesting feature of H.H. Kshatriyakaka is that He was the first seeker to attend the satsangs conducted by H.H. (Dr.) Jayant Athavale in 1996-97 at Nasik and now too He is the first Saint from Nasik District. He has been performing spiritual practice under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha for the past 17 years. Desite being bedridden by a stroke, on the sheer strength of internal spiritual practice , He has attained Sainthood.

The 44th Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī) Radha Prabhu

Attaining a spiritual level of 71 % on September 12, 2014 Shrīmatī Radha Prabhu joined Sanatan’s assemblage of Saints and became the 44th Saint.


The 45th Saint Mrs. Surajkanta Menrai

H.H. (Mrs.) Menrai suffers from severe physical problems. She has to take insulin injections four times a day and also has to be given medicines at night to prevent Her going into a coma. Despite this, always remaining happy She is performing spiritual practice with yearning. Inspite of not having physical capacity She is determined to perform more and more sēvā. She feels regret that She is unable to perform any sēvā. Her spiritual emotion for H.H. (Dr.) Athavale is immense. A singular feature of Hers is that She neither loses her temper nor does she react to any situation. She was proclaimed to have attained Sainthood on March 10, 2015.

The 46th Saint H.H. Bhagwantkumar Menrai !

H.H. (Dr.) Bhagwantkumar Menrai does not like anyone committing mistakes. He cannot tolerate injustice caused to anyone. His chanting goes on continuously. At the time an experiment of recording observations after looking at the walking stick used by H.H. (Dr.) Bhagwantkumar Menrai was conducted. Seekers present spoke of experiencing Chaitanya in the walking stick and the mind becoming thoughtless after looking at the walking stick . One seeker even said that the walking stick appeared like that of H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj. On March 10, 2015 He was declared to have attained Sainthood.

The 47th Saint H.H. Raghunath Vaman Rane

H.H. Raghunath Vaman Raneajoba has a number of physical ailments at the age of 76. The sēvā at Tapodham Ashram is tough yet even at this age He never complains; instead performs all sēvās happily. Now His feet are swollen, due to poor health He is unable to speak, yet performing sēvā as per expectations of H.H. Gurudēv He has become His disciple. He is determined to perform the sēvā allotted to Him by Gurudēv, to perfection. He harbours the spiritual emotion that since Gurudēv has sent Him to perform sēvā He must do it continuously. H.H. Raneajoba is in a perpetual state of spiritual emotion. In fact by looking at Him our spiritual emotion gets evoked. It was proclaimed that He had attained Sainthood on March 15, 2015.

The 48th Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī)Nirmala Date

On March 20, 2015 with a spiritual level of 71 % at the age of 81 Shrīmatī Nirmala Dateaji a favourite of all from the Pune district, attained Sainthood. Her house being a home to all She has proved the concept that everything can be won by giving love. When caring for others She pays attention to fine details. She looked after her daughters-in-law like they were Her daughters. She made spiritual progress due to Her attitude of sacrifice and immense faith in H.H. (Dr.) Athavale.

The 49th Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī) Kala Prabhudesaiaji

With an innate religious temperament Shrīmatī Kala Prabhudesaiaji began spiritual practice as per Karmakānḍ (Path of Rituals) . In family life, behaving as per the wishes of others and by instilling good values (sanskārs) in Her children She accomplished an important stage in Spirituality. Later in Her 65th year She commenced spiritual practice as per the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha. She performed with intense yearning sēvās such as going door to door asking people to subscribe to the Sanatan Prabhat , getting donations from society for religious causes , studying Holy texts published by Sanatan and distributing them etc . . For three years uninterruptedly She displayed a black board at the gate of Her housing complex on whch She would write the thoughts from the Daily Sanatan Prabhat.This shows Her yearning for God-realisation and Her faith. On July 31, 2015 H.H. Kala Prabhudesaiaji attained a spiritual level of 71 %.

The 50th Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Lakshmi Naik

Mrs. Lakshmi Naik (Mai) with Her unconditional love , drawing all to Her and sheltering seekers with Her loving care , attained Sainthood on July 31, 2015. Mai can be called a dutiful wife (Dharma patnī) in the real sense of the term. The meaning of the Saptapadī (Seven steps) of marriage is that the couple together crosses the seven lokas (regions) to attain Moksha (Final Liberation). Her journey in life is in accordance with this. There are very rare instances of wives of Saints attaining Sainthood. Mai has placed this ideal before all lady-seekers. It is very difficult to play the role of the wife of a Saint but Mai has played it with ease. Besides, She takes good care of Her parents’ family. Even Her casual talk about worldly matters is in spiritual parlance.

The 51st Saint H.H. Jairam Joshiajoba

Aba as He is fondly called came to live in the ashram at the age of 73 and within a short time blended with ashram life. Aba who combines loyalty to the Principle with love for others, helps seekers in the Miraj Ashram and has become a pillar of support for them. No matter how severe the physical suffering, remaining happy is His main characteristic ! Despite ill health He has intense yearning to perform sēvā. Mr. Jairam Joshiajoba with a collection of such varied virtues attained 71 % on July 31, 2015.

The 52nd Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Malini Desai

With loving hospitality for everyone who visits Her home H.H. (Mrs.) Malini Desai is an icon of love for others ! Her characteristic feature is to completely shower seekers with Her love in the very first meeting! When She visits the Ramnathi Ashram She affectionately speaks to seekers . She has manifest spiritual emotion. Mrs. Malini Desai possessing such varied virtues attained 71 % on the auspicious day of July 31, 2015.

The 53rd Saint H.H. Sitaram Desai

H.H. Sitaram Desai being a man of few words attracts seekers with His loving gaze. Steadiness is His innate nature . With virtues of humility and unexpressed spiritual emotion He attained 71 % on the auspicious day of July 31, 2015.


The 54th Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī) Mangala Kheraji

On September 13, 2015 it was proclaimed that Shrīmatī Mangala Kheraji (aged 83) of Ratnagiri had attained Sainthood. She who possessed the virtues of punctuality, steadiness, happiness, detachment and immense faith in H.H. (Dr.) Athavale and remained in constant communion with God showed that the Guru is in fact the entire universe./ Punctual, steady, happy, detached, with immense faith in H.H.(Dr.) Athavle, by being in constant communion and thereby feeling that Her whole world is the Guru, Shrimati Mangala Kheraji (aged 83) of Ratnagiri was declared to have attained Sainthood on September 13,2015.

The 55th Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī) Sushila Vishnu Shahaneaji

On December 8, 2015 it was announced that Shrīmatī Sushila Vishnu Shahaneaji (aged 93) of Rajapur, Ratnagiri District had become the 55th Saint of Sanatan through the medium of chanting, remaining in constant communion with God and loving all. /By being in constant communion with God through the medium of chanting and with love for all, Shrimati Sushila Vishnu Shahaneaji (aged 93) from Rajapur,district Ratnagiri attained Sainthood on December 8,2015. She is Sanatan’s 55th Saint.

The 56th Saint H.H. Shankar Lakshman Gunjekar

On January 16, 2016 at the age of 50 H.H. Shankar Lakshman Gunjekar possessing the virtues of yearning, perseverance, unconditional love, immense faith in the Guru and performing sēvā with spiritual emotion became the 56th jewel in the series of Sanatan’s Saints . Despite extreme poverty at home , with immense faith in God He always remains happy . He is in communion with God 24 hours.

The 57th Saint H.H. (Shrῑmatī) Anandi Patil

Performing spiritual practice under the guidance of the Sanatan, Shrīmatī Anandi Patilaji of Worli (Mumbai) who harbours undivided spiritual emotion of surrender unto H.H. (Dr.) Athavale , became a Saint on February 14, 2016. In Her context H.H. (Dr.) Athavale said, “H.H. Anandi Patilaji is the 57th Saint of Sanatan.Though She is the 57th Saint, with respect to different factors She has achieved noble heights; for eg just as Her name signifies She is happy all the time. Remaining happy Herself she is the only Saint constantly giving happiness to others . It is difficult to perform spiritual practice in old age. Yet She commenced spiritual practice in old age and attained Sainthood. This is Her second special characteristic. She has instilled values of spiritual practice in the future generation, namely her grandchildren and great grandchildren. This is Her third special characteristic.”

The 58th Saint H.H. (Shrīmatī) Vijayalakshmi Kale

Loving unconditionally, speaking honestly / guilelessly and along with that overcoming the personality defect of expectations from family and seekers, increasing the attitude of acceptance in the self, H.H. (Shrῑmatῑ) Kaleaji (aged 81) made progress in a short time and became the 58th Saint in the series of Sanatan Saints on March 17, 2016.

The 59th Saint H.H. Late (Shrīmatī) Devaki Vasu Parabaji (Has renounced Her body)

Remaining in constant communion with H.H. (Dr.) Athavale Late Devaki Vasu Parabaji (Pedne, Goa) would unconditionally love everybody . She passed away on 22.3.2016. Few days before Her death Aji would call out to H.H. (Dr.) Athavale all the time. She had excruciating pain because of which She would remain restless all the time but there was neither distress on Her face nor tears in Her eyes. Despite being afflicted with an incurable and painful illness such as cancer She performed vyaṣhṭī spiritual practice and attained Sainthood ! She has set an example to those who claim to be unable to perform spiritual practice due to illness.

The 60th Saint H.H. (Miss) Rekha Kankonkar

On 15th April 2016 Miss Rekha Kankonkar (aged 38) became the 60th Saint of Sanatan while taking care of the Annapurna department (kitchen) of Ramnathi Ashram. . By helping seekers to forward their spiritual practice and remaning in constant communion with God, She has set an example before all seekers. After completing Her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, at the age of 23 She became a fulltime seeker. Despite having a vyaṣhṭī personality, by remaining in the learning mode continuously, with intense yearning for sēvā and a low ego, She, in a very short time began to shoulder the responsibility of managing the Annapurna department of Ramnathi Ashram.