Hindus should unite against injustice done to pro-Hindu organizations ! – Sou. Sangita Prabhu, Sanatan Sanstha

Hindus must unite to prevent blind imitation of western culture ! – Advocate Rajesh A.R.

From left – Kum. Revati Moger, Sou. Sangita Prabhu, advocate Rajesh A. R (lighting lamp) and Shri. Vijaykumar

Udupi (Karnataka) : The present young generation is emulating western culture and drifting away from ‘Dharmacharan’. Hindu young women are falling prey to love jihad on large scale. Everywhere, condition of Hindus has become pathetic. Even then for votes of 14 % population, politicians from this country are neglecting interests of 79% of the population. Drugs are openly sold in the market promoting addictions. Youth should keep away from all vices. Hindus need to unite for prevention of blind imitation of western culture, stated advocate Rajesh A. R. while addressing Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha (sabha) held by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) at Shriram Mandir in Ajekaru. Shri. Vijaykumar of HJS, Sou. Sangita Prabhu of Sanatan Sanstha and Kum. Revati Moger of Ranaragini Division from Shivmogga shared the dais with advocate Rajesh. The ‘sabha’ was started with blowing of conch; followed with recitation of Ganesh-shloka. The dignitaries then lighted lamp and ‘Brahmavrunda’ recited ‘Veda-mantras’. Shri. Vishwanath Nayak introduced the audience to various activities undertaken by of HJS and Shri. Rajendra kumar did ‘thanks-giving’. The ‘sabha’ was attended by about 300 devout Hindus.

Inspiring speeches by dignitaries

Every Hindu needs to take active part in the
mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra ! – Vijaykumar, HJS

1. Injustice is done to Hindus and minorities are appeased under the guise of secularism in India. This so-called secularism has created several problems in last 68 years in this country. It has also made Hindus lack gleam.

2. Restrictions are imposed on Hindus on use of loudspeakers during their festivals in a country where Hindus are in majority; but there are no restrictions on loudspeakers used even at 5.00 a.m. by other prayer houses.

3. The whole world is under shadow of terror created by ISIS. After few years, there will be no option before us as ‘secular country or Hindu nation’ but the only option left would be ‘Islamic State or Hindu Rashtra’. We need to understand this calamity of terrorism and for that, all Hindus should unite.

4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj established ‘Hindavi Swaraj’ for Hindus to live with self-respect. As predicted by many Saints, Hindu Rashtra will be established in 2023 and every Hindu needs to take active part in this mission.

Hindus should unite against injustice done
to pro-Hindu organizations ! – Sou. Sangita Prabhu, Sanatan Sanstha

Only 9 % accused get punished after Court passes verdict. 91 % accused get acquitted which means 91% people, who are innocent, have to face oppression by police. It is a tragedy that due to falsehood of police, such people have to stay in prison for many years. Pro-Hindu organizations are experiencing this problem. Today, it is Sanatan’s turn; tomorrow, there will be other pro-Hindu organizations; therefore, all Hindus should come together against injustice meted out to pro-Hindu organizations.

Women should create resistance power in them
by getting trained in self-defence ! – Kum. Revati Moger, Ranaragini Division

We need to protect not only self and family but also our home, our lane, society, nation and Dharma. If all of them are protected, it will be true self-protection. Under Indian Constitution, every citizen has a right to protect self. Today, hooligans, corrupt, criminals, rapists and fanatics have been harassing ordinary citizens. We are not sure whether our daughters would safely return home from school or college. Women should not therefore, depend on others for their safety but create resistance power in them by getting trained in self-defence.