It is necessary to generate ‘Dharma-tej’ in every Hindu ! – Sou. Nayana Bhagat, Sanatan Sanstha

From left : Sou. Nayana Bhagat, Shri. Sumit Sagavekar

Nalasopara (Dist. Palghar) : Hindu young women face problem of love jihad and to fight against such problem, ‘Dharma-Tej’ needs to be generated in every Hindu, through the medium of ‘Dharmashikshan’. It should be able to make out from our behavior that we are Hindus, stated Sou. Nayana Bhagat of Sanatan Sanstha during the ‘sabha’ held at Vanotha Pada, Pelhar on 26th January. Shri. Sumit Sagavekar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) also addressed the ‘sabha’.

Devout Hindus attending ‘Dharmashikshan’ class spread information about proposed ‘sabha’ and made all arrangements with lot of yearning. Shri. Vijay Joshi Guruji and his ‘Brahma-vrunda’ recited ‘Veda-mantras’. The ‘sabha’ was attended by about 300 devout Hindus. The subject was spread to 23000 people through the medium of Facebook. A meeting will be held on 1st February at 7.00 p.m. near Zilha Parishada’s school for deciding further course of action.

Work for protection of Dharma with the
faith that Shri Krushna is supporting us ! –  Shri. Sumit Sagavekar, HJS

Local devout Hindus stopped persons at Vanotha Pada on 25th December who wanted to convert Hindus. All Hindus need to keep these devout Hindus as ideal for trying to prevent conversion of Hindus since Hindus fall prey to some bait or the other. Work for protection of Dharma with the faith that ‘Shrikrushna is supporting us’; then our victory is certain.


1. Two policemen were at the venue from the beginning till end of the ‘sabha’.

2. The weather was stormy during the day but after making prayers and doing ‘mandal’ around the venue with ‘teertha’, the stormy weather changed. The ‘sabha’ could be held without any obstacles after doing remedies as per the guidance of His Holiness Pande Maharaj and Sadguru (Kum) Anuradha Wadekar.

Thanks to all devout Hindus for extending help in organizing this ‘sabha’ !

Police, local administration; so also, Shri. Balu Haravate, Shri. Kashinath Haravate, Shri. Manoj Mahalkari, Mahesh Nimbra, Vilas Naik, Ashok Haravate and Sonia Katela extended help in organizing this ‘sabha’. Chandrakant Farale, Ganesh Farale, Anil Tandel and Dinesh Tandel, Rohit Nimbara, Avinash Nimbara, Haresh Karela, Shyam Karela, Shivaraj Kumbhare, Ganesh Haravate, Vikas Haravate, Subhash Kudave, Vikas Yadav, Nitin Kudava, Shantaram Kudava, Rohit Nibara, Avinash Nibara, Sachin Haravate, Rohan Bujad, Dinesh Karela, Vishal Davale, Sunil Bare, Harish Karela, Sagar Ahire, Rupesh Wade, Chandrahasya Sarkondavar, Ravindra Haravate propagated for the ‘sabha’ and helped in making actual arrangements of the ‘sabha’. Omkar Decorator’s Shri. Jayendra Patil made available podium, screens and table for the ‘sabha’ without any charges.